Success Story

Quiz Helps Secure Event Sponsorship, Collects Qualified Leads for Auto Dealer

Sponsorship package leverages digital, print, and event components designed to achieve advertiser’s goals.

Case Study Highlights

  • Advertiser adds 300 new email addresses to database
  • Quiz collects data for advertiser’s future marketing
  • Spotlight sponsorship package leverages online, print, and event components
  • Two leads visited dealership the very next week (and one purchased a car!)as a direct result of event

*Editor’s Note: This promotion was a Finalist for a 2015 Second Street Award

The Idea

The Greeley Tribune, a part of Swift Communications, is a newspaper in Greeley, Colorado. The Tribune Craft and Gift Show is a fall community event at the Island Grove Event Center. We’ve hosted this event for almost 20 years, and it always draws in a huge crowd. As a sales team, our reps were looking for ways to make our spotlight sponsorship package more valuable this year.


At the same time, I was looking for a new advertising campaign for Greeley Subaru, a local auto dealer, and was hoping to secure them as the spotlight sponsor of the event. When I sat down with the auto dealer, we made a list of their goals.

Greeley Subaru wanted to:

  • Increase their reach among women in the community
  • Increase their brand recognition within the county
  • Increase automotive sales at the dealership
  • Increase foot traffic to the store’s service department
  • Increase their email database and build consumer profiles

The Execution

Becoming the Spotlight sponsor of our Tribune Craft and Gift Show could satisfy many of the goals Greeley Subaru hoped to achieve. But we wanted to achieve all of them.

Our Tribune marketing promotions team brainstormed some different ideas and decided to pitch a “What Kind of Driver Are You?” personality quiz. This quiz would be an additional component of our event sponsorship package, and we knew that the auto dealer would be able to see its value – it worked! The addition of the quiz sealed the deal and encouraged Greeley Subaru to commit as our title sponsor for the event.


Once they had signed on, we wanted the quiz to deliver actionable results for the advertiser. By including an email opt-in on the registration page, we were able to build both our and the sponsor’s email database. Based on user’s answers to questions like “How many passengers will you normally have?”, we were able to deliver leads to the advertiser so they knew how to market to these potential customers.


To tackle Greeley Subaru’s goal of driving foot traffic to their service department, we included a bounceback coupon on the thank-you page of the quiz. The coupon offered a free car wash at their service center. We also added direct links to the auto dealer’s website on the results page.


After adding the personality quiz to our Spotlight sponsorship package for Greeley Subaru, we charged $3,250.

The Results

Greeley Subaru was thrilled with the sponsorship package and all of the benefits it had to offer. They especially loved the integration of digital and print components with the event sponsorship, but the quiz was definitely the “cherry on top.”

The quiz ran for seven days coinciding with the start of the Tribune Craft and Gift Show. So, not only was their brand visible during the event, but the auto dealer was also getting value from the quiz for a much longer span of time. Greeley Subaru loved that, even after the show had ended, attendees were still taking the quiz, which meant more leads and engagement for them.


They were even more pleased with the results, receiving more than 300 new addresses to add to their email database and collecting data to better target marketing messages to these potential customers. Plus, two customers they met at the show came in the very next week to start the car-buying process – one bought by the end of the week.


Greeley Tribune‘s What Kind of Driver Are You? Quiz was the winner of the Best Sponsored Quiz at the 2015 Second Street Awards.

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