Success Story

Football Quiz Drives $9K for Pest Control Company

KCLR-FM leverages a football quiz to drive leads and opt-ins for local pest control company

Case Study Highlights

  • $9,000 revenue for sponsor
  • 75+ hot leads for sponsor
  • 240+ opt-ins for sponsor
  • $2,500 revenue for station

The Idea

At KCLR-FM in Columbia, MO, we’ve found a lot of success by creating promotions designed to achieve advertiser results. With the football season approaching, we knew a quiz tying in our local college football team could be a big hit with our audience.

We reached out to Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. and pitched the idea of a digital promotion. At our CNA meeting with the advertiser, we found out their goal would be to gain 10-15 new customers. With a one-time customer valued at $300-$500, they would be able to cover the cost of their sponsorship investment.

The Execution

We created the quiz leveraging a fun play on words for the pest control company, “What Kind of Football Fan Are You: Are You The Best or a Pest?”

kclr football quiz best or pest cover image

The advertiser had wanted a way to connect their brand with the Mizzou college football team. Not only would a quiz about football be a good tie-in, but the pest control company also had pulled together a pair of tickets to a Mizzou game and a ton of branded swag (perfect for tailgating!) for a random winner.

kclr football quiz questions

At the end of the quiz, we leveraged a multi-page registration form which asked for the user’s email address and included an opt-in for both the sponsor and our station’s newsletters – It’s important for us to make every promotion we run a chance to grow our own database.

kclr football quiz optin

While collecting a list of opt-ins is a fantastic start, Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. was really looking to identify qualified leads who they could directly target as potential customers. We included three survey questions asking about homeowner status, current pest issues, and whether or not the user had currently had a pest control provider.

kclr football quiz survey questions

The Results

Our station considered this a big success for us. We added over 350 opt-ins to our database and collected $2,500 in sponsorship revenue. But the big win here was for Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. The quiz brought in 244 opt-ins for the advertiser’s email database. 136 of these leads were homeowners, and 77 of those said they currently do not have a pest control provider.

The advertiser’s sales team reached out to these hot leads and were able to convert 24 of these leads into new customers resulting in a grand total of $9,000 of revenue for Steve’s Pest Control, Inc. The advertiser was thrilled with the results of the contest and loved the chance to connect with the local football team.

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