4 Mother’s Day Ideas to Please Your Advertisers (& Your Mom!)

Photo contests, ballots, sweepstakes, and quizzes will achieve the goals of Mother’s Day advertisers

Mother’s Day represents one of the biggest gift-giving days of the year. In fact, the average American spends $170 on their mom. With more than 85 million moms in the US, that’s a lot of spending on a single day.

This makes it an ideal opportunity to target advertisers like jewelry stores, restaurants, spas, and retail. These promotions and interactive content are all aimed at a desirable demographic advertisers want to reach – decision making mothers – so you can be sure you’re presenting them with a valuable opportunity.

Here are four ideas to be a sure-fire win this Mother’s Day.

Photo Contests

Photo contests are a perfect pitch for Mother’s Day. These contests are popular and have a tendency to go viral on social media – people are passionate about their families and are invested in campaigning for votes.

Generating high numbers of pageviews, photo contests can be leveraged into higher sponsorship investments as they will showcase their branding and lead to lots of exposure for your advertisers.

To maximize the amount of entries, include a great prize for your winners. The better the prize, the higher the participation. Additionally, email all entrants a bounce-back coupon highlighting a product or service of the advertisers to drive foot traffic to their business.



Mother’s Day ballots allow your community to vote on all their favorite things. Whether you run a “Best Mother’s Day Brunch” ballot or a “Favorite Mom’s Day Movies” ballot, your users will love the opportunity to voice their opinions.

Beyond being attractive to your audience, ballots can be extremely attractive to your advertisers (and your revenue). For businesses wanting to target Mother’s Day consumers, selling them a title sponsorship, category sponsorship, or enhanced listing can be very appealing.

Try a Ballot This Mother's Day


Mother’s Day has become a major gift giving holiday with total spending to reach $21 billion this year. Giveaways with prizes like spa days, house cleaning services, or jewelry will drive tons of excitement – the better the prize, the higher the number of entries.

Sweepstakes are the best way to grow your email database and your advertiser’s email database as well. On the registration page, include a carefully crafted email opt-in for both you and the advertiser. To drive foot traffic, email a coupon to all entrants highlighting a product or service of the advertiser.


If you want to engage a wide audience, quizzes can be a great option. There are lots of great ideas.

  • “Who’s Your TV Mom?”
  • “What Should You Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day?”
  • “Can You Name These Celebrity Mothers?”
  • “Which Local Restaurant Should You Take Mom To?”
  • “Who Said These Famous Motherhood Quotes?”

Customize the quiz to feature your advertiser’s branding throughout. Plus, on the outcome page, work with your advertiser to develop an offer to feature the advertiser’s products or services – like a discount for a jewelry purchase or a coupon for a spa service.

Maximize your revenue opportunity by creating a Mother’s Day quiz bundle. Bundling a set of 3-5 themed quizzes streamlines your sales process by needing to find only one sponsor instead of many. Additionally, providing a longer shelf-life for your advertiser’s branding means you can expect a higher sponsorship investment.


Be ready to take full advantage of the Mother’s Day holiday this year by running a photo contest, ballot, sweepstakes, quizzes – or a combination of all four.

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