Document Workflow Cloud Enables Remote Work for Businesses on the Move.

Combine disparate, disjointed business processes into streamlined lifecycles that capture data and content, automate workflows, and offer strategic insights based on intelligent analytics. Help your organization remove bottlenecks and improve efficiency, all while ensuring your critical data is secure and compliant to standards across all industries. Upland Document Workflow Cloud empowers organizations to focus on high-value goals that boost business performance instead of getting lost in the process details of comprehensive content management and maintenance.

Document Lifecycle Automation

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Digitize to safeguard data while taking compliance, security, and accessibility into account.
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Intuitive, straightforward organization is critical for a successful digital transformation.
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Automate workflow reviews and approvals to drive ROI by streamlining lifecycles while ensuring audit readiness.
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Leverage content across systems, reduce human error, and eliminate duplicates while ensuring a single system of record.
Pair system analytics with team feedback to expose and alleviate process hurdles to optimize your systems to full efficiency.
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& Dispose
Origination through end of life, archival and disposal tools help ensure you have access to needed data while mitigating risks.

Upland Document Workflow Cloud Solutions

Empower your staff, improve your bottom line

Vendor Management

Do you need negotiation power when it comes to your vendors? Real-time, concrete insights into your spend and ROI? Upland provides centralized vendor management with analytics that cover all the details when it comes to contracts, statements of work (SOWs), purchase orders (POs), and payments.

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Contracts Management

Reduce time to revenue with a low-code CRM integration that automatically builds contracts while simultaneously kicking off the review and approval process. Track contract amounts, key clients, and use Upland Analytics to ensure bottlenecks aren’t keeping revenue from hitting your bottom line.

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Employee Management

Imagine having compliance and automation from the first application through offboarding and all the daily management, annual assessments, and archiving in between. Upland allows you to capture, track, and report on the entire employee lifecycle.

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Records Management

Upland’s Records Management solution encompasses the entire records lifecycle, from initial capture through retention, archival, or final destruction (as mandated). Configured in minutes, the automated solution results in strengthened business processes and lowered costs, while reducing exposure and risk.

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Capture Automation with Data Loss Prevention

Whether documents are scanned, faxed, emailed, or printed, capture automation can save your team valuable hours, days, or weeks annually, while ensuring any documents that indicate the presence of confidential information or sensitive data are quarantined for further review.

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Digital Mailroom

Upland empowers your mailroom staff by allowing them to automatically capture and route documents. Reducing cumbersome paper processes means you’re helping staff boost productivity, ensure data accuracy and security, and benefit from faster more reliable processes for their daily work.

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Eliminate costs and securely organize resources

K-12 and Education

From applications and onboarding, through daily management, annual assessments, and offboarding Upland allows you to capture, track, and report on the entire on-boarding lifecycle.

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Legal Matter Management

Securely and seamlessly ingest and extract data via OCR from any legal documents and from any network-enabled device, then automatically process and store in specific client and matter-centric folders in their final destination.

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Financial Services

Rethink the way you handle corporate documents. Increasingly stringent compliance guidelines, coupled with the need for more efficient business processes requires financial organizations to automate document-centric workflows.

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Align document capture, routing and fax communications to enable enterprise-wide, HIPAA compliant, secure image and content delivery across disparate information systems. With Upland, organizations are able to streamline basic to complex document-driven processes.

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Reduce IT burden and comply with industry regulations

Web-Based Cloud Faxing

Send and receive faxes from anywhere. If you have access to a web browser you have access to use Upland’s secure faxing services. Enable your organization with the appropriate tools to send and receive faxes with almost no setup time. Available worldwide, Upland supports local and toll-free numbers across the globe.

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Intelligent Fax Processes

Looking to add advanced functionality on top of your fax workflows? Sick of having to manually deal with fax document and data processing requirements? With Upland’s cloud capture platform directly integrated with all of its faxing mediums organizations can now leverage OCR with automated data collection and indexing for their faxes.

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On-Premise and Hybrid Environments

We get it, you don’t want to invest in more hardware or have to worry about re-doing routing rules for existing fax implementations. With porting services available and a wide variety of line of business integrations Upland makes dealing with old and new fax infrastructure simple and quick to configure.

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Robust Fax APIs

Implement Upland faxing into your products or existing business applications. Upland offers flexible integration environments through a variety of coding languages, like REST or SOAP. Leverage Upland’s scalable cloud infrastructure that is ready to handle any volume you throw at it.

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Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana

Volunteers of America Southeast Louisiana harnessed Upland to simplify accounts payable processes, eliminate the paper trail, and grant staff more time to help the people they serve.

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Document Lifecycle Automation by the Numbers

Percent of organizations who’ve experienced leakage or loss of sensitive confidential documents during the last 12 months.

Ponemon Institute Study, CIO Magazine

$1 in prevention saves $10 on correction costs and $100 on failure costs.

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Concept cited by: Why ‘Good Enough’ Isn’t Enough for Data Entry. Ardem Incorporated

Organizations who believe that something needs to change and that they must modernize their information management strategy.

– AIIM. The State of Intelligent Information Management. 2018.

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