Create a Knowledge-Sharing Culture That Drives Better Support and Collaboration

Upland Enterprise Knowledge Management (KM) solutions are a unique combination of software, knowledge automation, KM expertise, and services specifically designed to help enterprise organizations optimize key business processes. RightAnswers, Upland’s KCS® Verified knowledge management platform, drives efficient support organizations and delivers knowledge from throughout your enterprise to your users by combining AI-enabled search, user-friendly interfaces, gamification, federated content across multiple sources, and industry best practices.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

Enterprise Knowledge Management Lifecycle

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An expert-guided observation of your environment to devise a knowledge strategy aligned to your unique goals.
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Deliver a knowledge environment, tightly integrated with your existing toolsets and designed around your needs.
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Drive engagement by keeping your knowledgebase complete and up to date by detecting gaps in your knowledgebase.
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Analyze key metric data to gain insight into performance that enables organizations to leverage and enhance their knowledge investments.
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Encourage and cultivate feedback by leveraging tools and experts that help you keep your knowledge current and relevant that enhance the user experience.
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Engage and expose your users by creating a knowledge-sharing culture that improves both customer and employee satisfaction.

Enterprise Knowledge Management Solutions

Knowledge Management for IT Support

Upland’s RightAnswers platform increases IT Help Desk and employee productivity and improves self-service user experience. Its KCS v6 Verified knowledge hub makes it easy to create, maintain, and quickly find relevant information.

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Knowledge Management for Customer Service

Upland’s RightAnswers platform elevates customer service through every channel. Its KCS v6 Verified enterprise knowledge hub makes it easy for your agents and customers to solve issues faster and more consistently.

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Knowledge Management for Self-Service

Upland’s RightAnswers self-service solution reduces support costs by providing knowledge directly to customers through a customized branded experience. Totally configurable, the application integrates seamlessly with your support desk software allowing customers to search for answers before opening a ticket or case.

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Knowledge Management for HR

Upland’s RightAnswers HR solution improves employee productivity, satisfaction, and loyalty resulting in a more empowered workforce. The application helps employees collaborate and get up to speed quicker by extending knowledge throughout the organization, allowing employees to work in ways that are more efficient, intelligent, and effective.

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Knowledge Management for Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Knowledge Management for PPM promotes a collaborative and integrative approach to the creation, capture, organization, and use of intellectual assets to ensure their maintenance and relevance at every stage of transformation. Knowledge Management supports and delivers better adoption, maturity evolution, and higher levels of employee retention and satisfaction.

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Knowledge Management for Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Upland’s PSA solution delivers knowledge into the hands of your employees and gives them the information they need to encourage collaboration, keep projects on track for on-time, on-budget delivery with the highest quality, while ensuring resources and projects are aligned with corporate governance requirements.

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Committed to Knowledge-Centered Service

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) is the preeminent methodology for knowledge management best practices and can help improve your service organization. Our commitment to KCS goes beyond ensuring that our product supports the latest KCS best practices. Upland guides you on your KCS journey, from explaining the basics of what exactly is KCS and pre-implementation considerations to exploring what commitments KCS requires through onboarding and continued success. Our team of licensed KCS trainers delivers the highest level of KCS workshops and certifications that have been uniquely certified by the KCS Academy. Let Upland Software guide you on your KCS journey.

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Challenges in the Knowledge Management Industry

Knowledge Workers spend up to 20% of their time each week searching for information

– McKinsey Report

Fortune 500 companies lose at least $31.5 billion a year by failing to share knowledge

– International Data Corporation (IDC)

40% of knowledge workers cannot find what they need to do their jobs

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