Accelerate Value Realization with Cohesive Project Portfolio Management and IT Financial Management Software

Business transformation can only be achieved when execution is tightly aligned with corporate strategy and vision. Upland Software combines Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and IT Financial Management (ITFM) software to help enable organizations to optimize project portfolios, balance resource capacity against demand, provide greater visibility into IT, Cloud, SaaS and Telecom spend, and enable internal process improvements that convert cost centers into value drivers.

Project and Financial Management Lifecycle

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Centralize your projects, resources and financials into a single source of truth to gain greater control, visibility and compliance in portfolio and financial performance.
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Implement repeatable processes to deliver and execute standardized projects and gain maximum organizational efficiencies.
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Capture, manage and augment your financial metrics from IT, Cloud, Telecom and Projects to gain strategic insights on usage, utilization and rationalization.
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Gain deep insight into performance on project portfolios and financials to drive strategic transformation within your organization.

Upland Project and Financial Management Solutions

Align strategy and execution with unified project portfolio management software

Enterprise PMO

The Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) is a strategic department within any organization to manage accountability, compliance, and financial visibility into any investment, portfolio, program, project, resource, and work type, across all divisions. A mature PMO provides stakeholders with the required insight to make business decisions related to project capacity, delivery, and the ensuing budgetary impact.

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Continuous Improvement

For organizations that prioritize Continuous Improvement, Process Improvement, Lean, or Six Sigma projects, PowerSteering is a fully-featured platform to centralize, track, and promote programs that reduce waste, cut expenses, track benefits, and provide true cost savings to the organization.

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Enterprise IT

To truly embrace transformation and support the strategic objectives of the business, Enterprise IT plays a significant role to consolidate and oversee the deployment, costs, and usage all projects, portfolios and IT Financial Management into a single source of truth.

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New Product Development

Innovation-centric organizations use PPM software to prioritize projects and accelerate time to market. With tools for ideation, project selection based on risk, strategy and budgetary impact, PowerSteering supports the complete project delivery cycle to optimize the investment in new product development.

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Run IT like a business with Upland PPM software. While traditional PPM software has a project-only focus, PowerSteering provides a holistic delivery solution including demand management, resource utilization, project execution, and financial oversight.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

From pre-merger to integration to post-merger activities, a successful M&A program demands end-to-end project portfolio management and visibility to ensure key milestones are met according, without exceeding the budget, in order to deliver the most value to the organization. A robust PPM solution organizes documentation from all stakeholders, provides a gated approach to managing each stage, and gives global visibility on the performance of this strategic activity.

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Knowledge Management for Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Knowledge Management for PPM promotes a collaborative and integrative approach to the creation, capture, organization, and use of intellectual assets to ensure their maintenance and relevance at every stage of transformation. Knowledge Management supports and delivers better adoption, maturity evolution, and higher levels of employee retention and satisfaction.

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Achieve true cost transparency on IT financials, cloud, and telecom spend

IT Financial Management

IT Financial Management (ITFM) tools provide CIOs with the detailed cost and consumption analysis required to run IT like a business. Solutions are designed to improve IT financial decision-making by providing multiple views of the total cost. This is done by aggregating all relevant IT costs at the technology, application, and services level, or from an investment perspective.

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Cloud Cost Management

As organizations continue to move their applications and services to cloud providers, it’s easy to lose visibility into the cost drivers, the ownership, and the accountability of services when not properly managed. Organizations need granular insight into costs, utilization, and usage with the added flexibility of being able to charge services back to their internal consumers.

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Telecom Expense Management

Telecom expense management is a vital function within the organization. As Voice over IP (VoIP) communications become more pervasive, it amplifies the challenge of tracking and reporting on the usage, cost, and departmental chargeback of these services. The ability to effectively track usage and manage expenses is imperative for any organization that wants to positively impact its bottom line, protect against fraudulent activities, and drive ROI.

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Project and Financial Management by the Numbers

Global spend on transformation in 2019 will top $1.7 trillion.

Identify and drive up to 10% cost savings with ITFM software.

Number of organizations that will embrace the PPM paradigm to manage IT investment

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