Success Story

Embarcadero Systems Corporation

PSA software was rolled out and completely integrated within ESC’s existing processes and systems.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Embarcadero Systems Corporation is a full service transformation information systems supplier specializing in the development and implementation of advanced software and security solutions for the transportation industry. ESC services are extremely extensive and include mission-critical business analysis, leading-edge application designs, disciplined IT deployments, 24×7 technical support, failover planning, reliable data center application hosting services, database design, and maintenance services.

The Situation

The Project Management Office of Embarcadero Systems was searching for a better tool to manage projects and track actuals for its 150 employees. In addition, this office sought after a tool that would feed into its accounting and payroll system, and allow for budgeting and real-time reporting.

ESC also required an application that would improve business processes, such as:

  • Handling countless changes that occurred with projects
  • Standardizing project management methodologies
  • Standardizing training for managers planning their employees’ time
  • Addressing management’s reporting needs

The Solution

After careful consideration and evaluation of several competing software options, ESC selected PSA Time & Billing due to its zero client footprint, intuitive user interface, cost effective rapid deployment, and ability to integrate with Microsoft Project. In addition, the PSA automated solution seamlessly integrates with financial systems to extend Project Management into the Back Office, bears configurable enterprise process management workflows, and has the ability to simplify a complete executive view of projects and business development portfolios due to its realtime synchronized integration with Microsoft Project Server. With the PSA solution, ESC will have better control over its budgets and estimates throughout the life cycle of various projects, and be able to manage resources, plans, portfolios, and financial data more effectively in one integrated application.

The Results

In a matter of days, PSA software was rolled out and completely integrated within ESC’s existing processes and systems. PSA used its own workflow-based process and change management software to simplify Embarcadero System’s staff reporting on issues, assignments, and turnaround times with instant access to project status for assessing risk. The system is most helpful for ESC employees because of its many features, including issue escalation, event-triggered email notifications in combination with a centralized repository of information, which helps to document and manage every process. “We are pleased with the PSA solution, which allows us to easily track progress on all our projects. The efficiencies it represents are a benefit to us due to the fact that it is real-time synchronized with Microsoft Project, while enabling us to use the same time and expense data for accounting and payroll purposes” explains Esther Dawolo, Project Management Analyst at Embarcadero Systems Corporation. In addition, by using the PSA application, ESC has met its original objective to bridge the gap between using Oracle Financials and Microsoft Project. The company also anticipates that it will receive an estimated total annual return of $120,000 due to implementing PSA Time & Billing within its operations.

Specifically, PSA solutions have had a significant impact on business operations within ESC such as:

  • Managers can now report on critical data for efficient time, expense, resource, project, and change management
  • Increased visibility and predictability by making critical business decisions visually available using graphics and summarized reports
  • Scheduled projects can now be delivered on time and within budget
  • Effective use and tracking of limited resources
  • Faster and more accurate client billing
  • A reduced reporting cycle, which results in a tremendous gain in cost and time
  • Manual processes automated overnight thus reducing or eliminating costly administrative overhead
  • Instant availability of information to all levels of the corporate structure

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