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Once the Timesheet software was implemented, Onvoy quickly saw a drastic decrease in the need for administrative work related to payroll preparation.

Onvoy, is Minnesota’s leading provider of integrated voice, data, and Internet services. The company is a singlesource provider of voice, frame relay, videoconferencing, operator, network and Internet services. Onvoy is Minnesota’s largest Internet Service Provider and operates one of the state’s largest networks – a 100% fiber optic network spanning more than 2,000 miles across the state.

The Situation

For years Onvoy utilized simple spreadsheets to track time for its 350 employees. Major limitations within this process were quickly identified.

This system had the following limitations:

  • It was an inefficient tracking tool
  • Was labor intensive and cumbersome to use
  • Was not user-friendly
  • Involved high administrative overhead
  • Was a primitive tool that lacked basic features

In addition to these challenges, human resources personnel would need to reenter all the collected data into ADP® payroll, turning the whole process into a 2 to 3 day effort.

The Solution

Onvoy decided to deploy PSA software running on SQL Server. Using PSA software, Onvoy users enter time with their browsers over the corporate Intranet, and the Human Resources department uses the application’s export feature to integrate with ADP® Payroll.

The Results

Once the software was implemented, the company quickly saw a drastic decrease in the need for administrative work related to payroll preparation. The payroll and HR staff were free to do other less mechanical and more important activities; and project managers had more time to manage their teams and to plan, as well as schedule work.

In addition to the timesheet automation, manual processing of payroll often led to inefficient interactions between HR and employees with regards to outstanding vacation time, other leave times, and the management of holidays. PSA software’s self service features, lets employees see how much leave time has been used and accrued. Furthermore, holidays are automatically entered in all timesheets based on user specific calendars.

The savings have been substantial and Onvoy has been able to quickly earn back its investment in PSA solutions by substantial cost savings and elimination of repetitive and error-prone administrative work.

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