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Wyeth BioPharma

PSA configured the PSA Timesheet solution so that Wyeth BioPharma’s overtime policies, schedule and shift rules, and time and labor compliance requirements were built into the application.

Wyeth is a global leader in pharmaceuticals, consumer health care products, and animal health care products. Its products are sold in over 140 countries and its worldwide resources include more than 52,000 employees, manufacturing facilities on five continents and a discovery and development platform encompassing pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biotechnology. With three divisions- Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, and Fort Dodge Animal Health-Wyeth is positioned at the forefront of the biopharmaceutical revolution that is transforming disease treatment around the world.

Situation Analysis – Background

Wyeth BioPharma-a business unit of the Wyeth Pharmaceuticals division with two Campuses in Andover, Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland-is specifically dedicated to the successful development and manufacturing of recombinant protein biopharmaceuticals. In 2000, the Wyeth BioPharma Andover Campus was using conventional methods such as email, paper and spreadsheets to track time spent by its resources on various projects. At the mercy of this decentralized and manual time-tracking system, Wyeth BioPharma turned to PSA for an automated system that would help the company: track resource time and effort more efficiently; as well as produce accurate and effective reports on data for people cost analysis.

Using a phased approach that began in 2000, PSA timesheet solution was first implemented within the engineering group for the department’s approximately 200 users, providing Wyeth BioPharma with an automated system to effectively collect and manage time and expenses based on the engineering group’s unique requirements.

2005 Update

In January 2005, with the help of PSA, the Company completely revamped all its project systems to accommodate a growing number of groups/departments that needed to access and contribute information to the individual projects being undertaken at Wyeth BioPharma. With an expanded user base of 2,100 employees, Wyeth BioPharma once again turned to PSA Timesheet for its reasonable costs, fast ROI, as well as its easy implementation and quick roll-out, which was important in light of this now much larger user base. Time entries provided Wyeth BioPharma with the feature set for time and labor policy enforcement and validation at point of entry, as well as live integration with weekly payroll systems, SAP, (to be implemented in Q3 2005) and Microsoft Project. “PSA’s Professional Services team took the time to understand our business requirements and project objectives, and provided veteran project management and implementation expertise throughout the implementation process,” said Cathy Gabriel, Project Manager at Wyeth BioPharma.

Fast ROI

Wyeth BioPharma is now better able to accurately and efficiently determine the people and time costs of any given project, at any given time. “PSA Timesheet is easy to use and we now have a clear and accurate understanding ofthe labor costs associated with each project,” said Gabriel. “Before PSA Timesheet,we never knew what the total labor costs were to manufacture any given product.” With a better understanding of labor costs, Wyeth BioPharma is also able to develop more accurate budgets, and can easily determine where labor costs can be streamlined in order to reduce the cost of goods – a big factor in the highly competitive pharmaceutical market. With access to better information, Wyeth BioPharma has also greatly improved the quality of its management reports. Elaborate monthly reports are now generated in one day versus three, and all project data is now readily available, at any time, reducing the time and effort previously spent on locating information. The benefits Wyeth BioPharma has derived from PSA Timesheet also extend to payroll. The Company has significantly reduced the instances of having to re-issue paychecks due to human error or inaccurate data being forwarded to payroll.

Future Plans

Gabriel anticipates that by the end of 2005, the entire Wyeth BioPharma site in Andover will be using PSA Timesheet with plans to extend the implementation to the Ireland Campus in Grange Castle, Dublin. PSA Timesheet is currently being used by over 2,100 users at the Wyeth BioPharma Andover Campus facility. This number will potentially grow to 4,500 once the implementation is completed at the Ireland Campus. Wyeth BioPharma is also currently evaluating the PSA integration with Microsoft Project Management and the Resource Capacity Planning module. At the corporate level, Wyeth is evaluating several project management tools with a close eye on PSA Project Portfolio Management (PPM). Part of the appeal of PSA PPM is the integration with Microsoft Project, which is currently used by Wyeth.

In 2003, PSA configured the PSA Timesheet solution so that Wyeth BioPharma’s overtime policies, schedule and shift rules, and time and labor compliance requirements were built into the application. This has enabled Wyeth BioPharma’s to track its non-exempt workforce, measure labor costs and process payroll using compliant, audited and approved data. Over the course of Q2 2005, part of the system will be linked with SAP for automatic payment without the need to print and physically submit a timesheet. PSA is developing the link for Wyeth BioPharma.


Gabriel’s final comments deal with PSA’s technical expertise and responsiveness to any issues or potential problem areas, “When it comes to customization and special requests, our contact at PSA is a true wizard. We explain what we want, he thinks about it for a few minutes, and then comes back and gets it done. In terms of customer support, if we do encounter a problem, I know someone will step up to the plate and take care of it. Overall, working with PSA has been a positive experience. That’s why I have no hesitation in recommending the company’s solutions to other areas and divisions across the Wyeth organization, which I have done and will continue to do.”

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