Solutions for the Legal Industry

From depositions and contracts to court filings and invoices, legal document processing has high volumes and high stakes.

Automate document workflows to boost productivity and promote more accessible processes at your legal practice.

The legal market remains one of the most document-intensive industries today. To adapt to an environment that’s highly competitive and technology progressive, forward-thinking firms are devoting IT resources toward the transition to electronic records. Even so, massive numbers of paper documents still exist and must be managed. Is your organization ready to adapt?

Solution Benefits

  • Increase customer satisfaction and save time when you automate processes and go digital with increased accessibility, allowing you to get back to your client faster than ever.
  • Empower your staff with one extensible, easy-to-use platform that takes documents and puts them into a single, highly-accessible archive.
  • Lower your total costs by consolidating fax infrastructure by relying on Fax over IP technology that enables least cost routing.
  • Reduce risk by using a highly-scalable, reliable infrastructure that seamlessly supports a wide range of geographically dispersed firms.
  • Streamline mission-critical document workflows for legal teams such as, e filing, scanning to document management systems (DMS), and managing sensitive intellectual property, while maintaining high levels of document integrity and security.

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