Success Story

Jackson Walker gets serious about paperless.

This law firm went from 15,000 to only 3,700 linear feet of records storage and continues to shrink paper dependence.

Jackson Walker LLP was looking for ways to convert their paper-oriented workflows and processes to a digital format.  With seven locations culminating in over five floors of office space dedicated to paper document storage, staff was feeling understandably encumbered by paper. An upcoming office relocation and smaller footprint initiative gave this firm the ideal opportunity to move to paperless storage by converting paper documents to an electronic format and storing within iManage.

Customer success highlights

  • Seamless integration with iManage, which allowed staff to easily scan large volumes of archived paper documents directly into the DMS from existing MFP hardware.
  • Attorneys and legal staff can quickly locate case files and collaborate from anywhere across 14 practice groups.
  • The firm digitized archived materials and created a standardized day-forward approach for electronics files, in turn eliminating costs related to legacy paper processes.

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The challenge

Jackson Walker’s Dallas office was gearing up for a big move but had to devise a strategy to deal with five floors of onsite records storage. The firm’s managing partner, Wade Cooper, had a long-term vision to go paperless and knew this was the ideal opportunity to make it happen.

How they did it

By integrating with the firm’s iManage document management system (DMS), AccuRoute allowed staff to create cover sheets with embedded profile information so they could easily scan large volumes of archived paper documents directly into the DMS from existing MFP hardware. All profile fields were automatically populated, and all scanned documents were OCR’d so they were text-searchable from the DMS.

Team champions across practice groups worked with AccuRoute support to create a strategic approach and define features within iManage that ensured filing structure and naming conventions were both consistent yet customized according to various requirements.

The results

The flexibility of AccuRoute allowed 14 practice groups to devise best practices that enhanced efficiency with standardized processes that could be quickly adopted. Electronic file templates looked exactly like original paper files, and hyperlinks took users directly to other supporting files and information within iManage.

Jackson Walker LLP continues to expand AccuRoute’s technology to other departments such as human resources, marketing, and accounting. Other offices in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston also utilize AccuRoute to achieve similar records scanning and electronic files initiatives. Using the power of an AccuRoute-iManage technology partnership, Jackson Walker took on the paperless challenge and achieved the goal of becoming fully “paper light,” enhancing service to their clients and reducing costs across the firm.

“When we moved into the new 104,000 square foot office, we only moved approximately 3,700 linear feet of paper records storage, down from the original 15,000. At present, we are down to 2,500 linear feet of storage, a massive 80% reduction.”

Sharon Kasachkoff
Chief Logistics Officer
Jackson Walker

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