Email Marketing Technology Integration

Integrations and connected technology

One size does not fit all when it comes to integrated marketing technology stacks — flexibility and choice are paramount. Benefit from our off-the-shelf integrations, take advantage of the capabilities offered through our technology partners, or work with our team to develop custom integrations with your existing technology infrastructure. We let you choose the context that drives your communications to deliver the best possible results.


Seamless data and analytics integrations help you leverage all the data you have about your subscribers across your systems. Manage contact data, send transactional or triggered emails in real-time, or build out multichannel customer journeys to increase your customer lifetime value.

Connected Technology Partners

We have a team dedicated to seeking out complementary technology to build relationships and integrations that enrich your integrated marketing capabilities. We maintain relationships with some of the industry’s leading MarTech providers.

Access 750+ Apps

Utilize our Zapier integration to manage contacts and trigger emails or kick off automated programs from an ever-expanding range of everyday apps,including Shopify Plus, Facebook, Slack, WooCommerce, SugarCRM, and a portfolio of survey and review tools.

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