Success Story

Ecobuild save hours on campaign creation with the Adestra Email Editor

Ecobuild were looking for a flexible master email template.


Ecobuild is the UK’s largest and number 1 event for specifiers across the built environment. It’s an event organized by UBM, one of the world’s leading business-to-business (B2B) events organizers.


Create a mobile responsive template that will:

  • Streamline the campaign creation process.
  • Work for multiple types of content and audience.

The Challenge

Ecobuild were looking for a flexible master template that they could use to communicate with both visitors and exhibitors in the lead up to the event and beyond. The template needed to provide the building blocks for a wide range of different campaigns and be easily usable by marketers without any knowledge of HTML.

The Solution

To accommodate the wide ranging content requirements, a custom template was designed and built by the Adestra Digital Design team for use in the Email Editor. This was the ideal solution as it allows for layout modules to be designed, coded and tested and then be re-arranged, repeated and edited by a marketer or content editor, worry-free of display issues in any email clients.

The process started with a full review of the 2015 email campaigns to identify the many different types of content the marketers needed to communicate. This ranged from conference agenda announcements, key exhibitors at the show, product launches, speaker announcements and more. To create a continuous experience for their audiences, the design was made to reflect the website and adhere to the Ecobuild brand guidelines.

The Result

The Ecobuild team are extremely happy with the template. The campaign build time has been reduced to around half an hour on average (from as long as a day in some cases).

As well as easing pressure on resource, it has given the marketing team more time to think about strategy, optimize their campaigns for better performance and develop more highly targeted campaigns. They now segment and tailor content to different audience groups; for example, by segmenting based on job role. Starting from a generic email, sections can be quickly amended for the different segments.

The template has also made it much easier to routinely test and optimize campaigns. Marketers can quickly change the layout, re-order the content or change the CTA button in order to test different variations.

The marketers have also been pleased with the reliability of the Email Editor. Previously responsive code in emails would sometimes break, giving a poor experience for mobile openers.

What’s next?

Due to the success of the template, UBM EMEA Built Environment now plan to roll the solution out to more event teams across the business. Adestra has provided a full handover and training, empowering the UBM creative team to complete the roll-out in-house by amending the base template to suit different branding and content requirements.


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