Unified Customer Data and Omnichannel Marketing automation for non-profit organizations & political groups

CDP software to integrate all your marketing channels with your supporter, donor, and volunteer data – all powered from the same place.

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Activate your supporters and doners across every marketing channel

Understand your supporters with all their interactions, donations and personal data structured, cleansed and unified into one easily accessible platform

  • Unify, cleanse, and de-duplicate all personal data and PII, linked to every interaction, channel or conversion – all in one place
  • Undertake omnichannel analysis, build supporter segments and ensure you are communicating on the most relevant channel, with the right communication, every time

Drive donations, motivate support, and encourage action in the most impactful ways

Whether its via email, phone, web, SMS or mobilizing your members for offline events, BlueVenn creates optimized cross-channel campaigns to drive action at key moments

  • Create and automate omnichannel journeys to drive action
  • Empower marketing teams with full access to data, and use to personalize in any communication channel.
  • Transform basic personalization into data-driven hyper-personalization

Why choose Upland BlueVenn?

Upland BlueVenn is a leading Customer Data Platform, designed to help unify all your customer data and power omnichannel customer experiences. Created to help brands meet and exceed their customers expectation, BlueVenn helps NPO businesses to deliver personalized, targeted experiences that drive action.


The Biden of President SMS campaign collected $3.2M in contributions during one hour of the first 2020 presidential debate (Politico)


The average donation size of text-to-donate fundraisers is $107 (Nonprofits source)


Click-through rates were 4.2% for fundraising SMS messages and 9.8% for advocacy asks (2020 M+R Benchmarks Study)

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