Happy Birthday, John Venn!

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Team BlueVenn

Happy Birthday, John Venn

Today is John Venn’s 187th birthday, and of course, we’ll be celebrating.

Who is John Venn?

Born August 4, 1834, in Yorkshire, John Venn is one of England’s most renowned mathematicians. As creator of the Venn diagram, there’s no denying that he’s been an inspiration to the BlueVenn team (let’s face it, BlueNewton or BlueEzeilo just wouldn’t be the same).

The Venn diagram, however, has not just played a crucial role in our story. Since it was first introduced in his work, Symbolic Logic, Venn diagrams have been widely used by people across the globe to demonstrate the logical relation between data sets and to illustrate relationships.

It’s not just the Venn diagram for which he is famous. John Venn also built a rare machine which bowled cricket balls. At the time of its creation, the machine was considered so ground-breaking that it was used to entertain the Australian cricket team during their visit to Cambridge. It even managed to bowl out the top ranked Australian player four times consecutively.

Growing up, Venn was descended from a long line of church evangelicals. His grandfather was a pastor, and his father played a significant role in the Evangelical movement. Following in his family’s footsteps, Venn became an Anglican priest in 1859, serving in Hertfordshire and Surrey. However, after 24 years, he resigned, stating that Anglicanism wasn’t compatible with his beliefs.

Putting the Venn into Upland BlueVenn

Customer data is a business’s biggest asset, however many struggle to use it to its full advantage. And, as the amount of data collected by companies continues to increase, deriving meaningful insights from this data is increasingly difficult. But with Upland BlueVenn, this is easy.

Our unique technology, like Venn diagrams, is designed to help marketers get the most out of their customer data by facilitating their ability to spot trends and relationships between data sets.

Upland BlueVenn’s Customer Data Platform unifies, cleanses, and de-duplicates customer data from unlimited sources to create a single, trustworthy customer view. Then, with our Omnichannel Marketing Hub, this Single Customer View can be used by marketers to deliver personalized, one-to-one customer journeys across unlimited channels.

Let’s be honest, we can’t celebrate John Venn’s birthday without a Venn. So, here’s our Upland BlueVenn Venn to honor this special day.

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Happy birthday, John Venn!

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