2022 Marketer’s Guide to Customer Data Platforms

There are many different types of Customer Data Platforms, all of which offer their own capabilities. To understand what a CDP is and to find the right one for your business, read our handy guide.

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have as many differences as they do similarities, making it inherently difficult to know which CDP is right for your business. There also remains widespread confusion about how CDPs compare with other data-unification technologies such as CRMs and Data Warehouses and how they fit into a company’s existing tech stack.

Our latest guide is designed to help eliminate your confusion surrounding Customer Data Platforms, and covers:

  • The true definition of a CDP
  • Different types of CDPs
  • How a CDP differs to other data-unification technologies
  • The main benefits and use cases of a CDP
  • How they fit into your existing tech stack
  • The key things you should consider before investing in a CDP

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