Natural Habitat Adventures creates personalized experiences with BlueVenn

October 30, 2020 3 minute read

Team BlueVenn

BlueVenn has been selected by Natural Habitat Adventures, the specialist provider of high quality, sustainable nature adventures and conservation travel partner of the World Wildlife Fund. The travel group will use BlueVenn’s CDP to unify online and offline customer data, plus its analytics to gain a deeper understanding of customers, and its marketing automation tools to create personalized experiences across many channels.

Natural Habitat Adventures, which was named the “The World’s #1 Travel Outfitter” by Outside magazine, prides itself on not only offering trips to captivating nature destinations, but a meaningful travel experience through its unique itineraries, strategically placed accommodation, naturalist expedition leaders and carefully crafted travel schedules. It therefore made sense to ensure its online customer journey, and the insights it gained through data analysis, were just as unrivaled.


Ted Martens, the Chief Marketing Officer of Natural Habitat Adventures, said:

“What we were really in search of was a tool that would allow us to analyze and report on a full view of our customer journey. With BlueVenn, we will now be able to leverage digital behavior, in addition to our offline data, to enhance our targeting online and offline. This is a huge enhancement! We’re now able to generate customer insights in seconds that used to take hours, and we’re able to leverage additional data for a greater depth of customer understanding.

“When the reporting and analysis capabilities, segmentation tools and customer journey insights are harnessed properly, our customers will certainly receive a more relevant experience from our marketing. And there will be more of them, thanks to the optimization of our marketing spend to acquire more customers!”

Steve Klin, CEO of BlueVenn, said:

“Natural Habitat Adventures is a wonderful and exciting travel brand for BlueVenn to work with, and we look forward to a long and successful relationship. BlueVenn has extensive experience of helping many travel, hospitality and leisure brands to increase acquisition and loyalty through a deeper understanding of their customers.

“For Natural Habitat Adventures, BlueVenn will enable the marketing team to access all of the relevant insights that live within the company’s CRM and marketing automation systems in one place, with all data being constantly deduplicated, cleansed and optimized for campaigns. Then, using our integrated customer journey management tools will enable them to communicate with their customers, across many channels, in a personalized way.”

More about Natural Habitat Adventures

Since 1985, Natural Habitat Adventures has been offering intimate, naturalist-led nature and wildlife experiences in remote places, largely inaccessible to the average tourist. In collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund, it helps travelers to connect with the natural world in an unobtrusive context, while also conserving the wild places and animals that the company’s livelihood depends upon. It works to protect the planet by inspiring individuals, supporting communities around the globe, and positively influencing the travel industry as a whole.

If you would like to understand the BlueVenn technology in more detail, book a demonstration online here.

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