Connected Through Change

Pioneering IT Cost Savings into the New Normal

Did the switch to a remote workforce impact your IT costs? Upland can help you stay Connected Through Change and prepare for the next steps into the new normal.

Together let us focus on optimizing and stabilizing your enterprise IT and Telecom costs while we get ready for the economy to recover and growth to bounce back.

During this four-part live webinar series, Upland Subject Matter Experts, Chuck Taylor, Dana Risley and Robert Bracco will be diving deep into four different business transformation topics. Their focus will be on equipping your team with insights and tips to get ready for the new normal. Over the course of these four webinars we’ll share best practices to navigate your current state from the depths of the new, remote empowered workforce.

Webinar Topics:

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Free Telecom Audit

We are currently offering a free invoice audit to help you identify real potential savings for your telecom and IT budget. This quick, but detailed analysis will give your team insights into the impact the current climate had on your telecom costs and help you balance your budget. Best of all—it’s free!

Meet Upland Project and Financial Management Cloud Solution

Upland’s Project and Financial Management Solution Suite helps organizations drive digital transformation by
improving cost transparency, delivering meaningful insight, and tracking performance against organizational goals.

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Speaker Info

Chuck Taylor, Senior TEM Analyst

Chuck has been working in the telecommunication field for more than 30 years. Throughout his career, he gained experience in voice and data communication networks, cost containment, contract negotiation, process control and policy management.

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Dana Risley, Senior Account Executive

With 15+ years experience in the IT and telecom industry, Dana has been instrumental in the success of Cimpl’s Telecom Expense Management practice in the United States. Dana’s area of expertise includes customer management, executive relationship building, product rollout, IT management and strategic business and financial planning.

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Robert Bracco, Director Product Marketing

Robert Bracco is the Director Product Marketing for Upland’s Project and Financial Management Solution. He has 20+ years of progressive management experience in financial planning and accounting, information security, telecom, tech risk, program management and cost benefit analysis serving all major industries.

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Watch all four webinars on demand now!


How to Manage Telecom Costs for Remote Workers

Available On Demand>>

Find out what costs you should watch for, tips and tricks for keeping remote telecom costs down and communicate costs to your remote workers.


Lessons Learned from Telecom Contract Management in Times of Uncertainties


Available On Demand>>

Familiarize yourself with what your Voice/Data, Network and Mobile environment may look like, how to check contract language for Business Downturn Clauses and why talking to your telecom carrier can open new doors.

Saving IT Costs in Digital Transformation: Examples from the Field

Available  On Demand>>

Learn about some upcoming trends in digital transformation, user adoption best practices, and how to adapt to remote working.


Post-Mortem on the Transition to Remote Workforce: A Telecom Playbook


Available On Demand>>

Get an inside look on policies you should implement, how to start budgeting in a new way and establishing new protocols and a communication protocol.