The Benefits of Multi-tenancy to Manage IT & Communication Expenses

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The name Cimpl has brought a new wave of innovation in our organization. One of them being that our solution is now multi-tenant. Leveraging the SaaS trend of multi-tenancy is quite advantageous in the area of technology expense management for organisations to create operational efficiencies and optimize IT costs. For Dummies writes that “multi-tenancy means that a SaaS (Software as a Service) vendor provides a single version of its software for all its customers. This differs from a single-tenant hosted solution, where the application is housed on a vendor’s server but the codebase is unique for each customer.” In this scenario, users have access to a single scalable platform and their sensitive information is containerized and not accessible by other users. In our multi-tenant SaaS architecture, all customer data and configurations is isolated in metadata layer which enables scalable upgrades and feature roll-outs.


Advantages of a Multi-tenant Cimpl

So now that Cimpl is available in a multi-tenant environment what benefits does it offer its customers and partners?

Lower Cost of Ownership

Because all users access their services from the same technology platform it is much easier to access automatic and frequent updates. No longer need to pay for report customizations or to add new functionalities. New releases and updates are included in the subscription and are informed regularly of any upcoming changes.

Worry Free Capacity

Multi-tenancy provides companies of all sizes the ability to reside in the same infrastructure and data center. It is what we call “Worry Free Capacity”, you no longer have to think about adding more server or computing capacity. This now becomes the responsibility of Cimpl to continually grow its data center to support our growing customers.


Because we only have one platform to support and maintain, it will be much easier for Cimpl to deliver effective training, and our customer success team will no longer have to remember the differences between the customer instances to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

API Integration Scalability

The integration of Web API is available in single-instances, but in the multi-tenancy environment, specific requests for integrations will now go into our product roadmap, and as they become available, they’ll be rolled out to all customers. This speeds up the value received from Cimpl because you can now access and benefit from the experience of other customers.

Access the Latest Releases

Before with Telemanager, when we wanted to roll-out a new update, it was a lengthy process because we had to code the change separately for each client instance to ensure that it was compatible with their customizations, perform QA, and then put the change into production. With more than 100 customers, it was a time-consuming task for our support team. Now with our multi-tenant environment, because every customer’s instance has the same basecode, the roll-out of new releases will be very seamless and provide faster access to innovative features to manage IT and communication expenses.

Configurable to Your Needs

The base-code will now remain unchanged, so we’ve designed Cimpl to be configurable on multiple levels. This capability provides our customers with the ability to meet their requirements and communication styles to manage all IT and communication expenses. For example, it is now very easy to create your own reports by choosing columns, filtering the data and even setting color-coded thresholds. Whenever new reports type are available, or new advanced filtering options are developed, it will be rolled-out to all of our customers simultaneously.

With a multi-tenant platform, new features and roll-outs have to be rigorously tested in order not to cause glitches that would affect the entire customer base. For this reason, we have invested significant time and effort into ensuring uptime, continuity, and performance.

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