Why Cimpl joined Upland

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In case you missed it, Cimpl was recently acquired by Upland Software, a leader in cloud-based enterprise work management software.

Why Cimpl Joined Upland? Three words: Capacity, Credibility, and Capability.

Great marketing slogan, right?

Ok, so the real reason is our super not-so-secret plan for world domination to combine Cimpl’s platform with a broader enterprise cloud solution suite. This addresses a gap in the market between expense management, IT budgeting, financial management, project management & resource management. That’s a lot of “management” and a lot of systems to run, but trust me, it’s good.

In today’s world of IT and miscellaneous acronyms, (EDF not included, because that one rocks.) people are challenged to stay on top of all the costs and moving parts. Easier said than done.

Who spent, how much, on what?

It’s predicted that the world will have spent over $3 Trillion in USD on IT, not including salaries, contractors, and bunch of other stuff nobody really talks about, because nobody really knows where it went.

I’ve coined this the “3 Trillion dollar problem” because we just don’t know where it all goes. This is where Upland and Cimpl come in.

In Cimpl, we’ve been talking about telecom & technology expenses for a long time. Our customers wanted to know where stuff was, who had it, what it costs, and more importantly could it be optimized to save money. It turns out, to nobody’s surprise, IT is also a messy place when it comes to resource, project and financial management. Upland, with solutions to manage IT finances (Comsci), Projects (Powersteering), Resources (Upland PSA) and knowledge (Right Answers) was putting together an all-star team of solutions to address this very problem. The missing piece was end-user technology expense management (Cimpl).

Embarking on this new and exciting journey, we are choosing to “Think Bigger”. We have yet to reach our goal of ‘World Domination of the Enterprise Digital Footprint”, a slogan that was on our Cimpl posters in the office (true). Today with Upland, we recognize an opportunity that will help our customers get there faster, with more confidence and support.

The $3 Trillion problem means there is million-dollar dust just lying in the corner waiting to be cleaned.

Cimpl has never had a bigger vacuum cleaner.

I look forward to seeing you soon,


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