Why Keeping Up With Your Employees’ Technology Usage is Key to Digital Transformation

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Knowing exactly what’s going on with your telecom and technology services is the 11th reason to go beyond TEM and manage the enterprise digital footprint.

On one hand, the constant evolution of technology combined with the availability of various communication methods and channels have complexified business communications. On the other hand, the rapidly growing use of Internet and other technology services in the workplace have complicated things even more. It has become difficult to manage technology-related expenses in organizations with thousands of employees using various methods of communication in different locations.

Managing communications is not a one step process; the entire communication lifecycle needs overseeing in order to manage expenses and save money. The first step is knowing what your services are and which department or individual are actually using them. Doing so will enable you to map out a strategy to optimize them. Technology expense management makes it easier to manage the entire lifecycle of your technology assets and services. It helps track the usage of IT and telecom services, shows you where you can cut down unnecessary expenses and, subsequently, saves money. The key component of lifecycle management is usage transparency: who is using what, where and how much it’s costing your company. With the implementation of a TEM solution, businesses gain full insight and transparency on all telecom-related usage and expenses — technology, data, wireless and invoices.

Visibility into Usage Data:

Usage transparency provides insights on the use of services by an individual, a department or a business unit in a company. Every service is tracked down in a dollar-per-unit system to link a user and a cost, so unaccounted costs related to unused services or assets can be flagged and either cut or reallocated.

There are many benefits to nurturing a culture of usage transparency:

When you know what service is used by which individual or business unit, the cost can be allocated to a specific user accurately. Cost allocation benefits businesses by managing their costs and avoiding unnecessary or unwarranted spend associated with IT and telecom assets and services.

  • Easily identify zero-usage services

Usage transparency makes it easier to identify unused devices or services that are generating unnecessary expenses. Eliminating or reallocating such devices and services will save you money.

  • Identify high-cost users and assist them in altering their usage behaviour

By tracking the usage of services, high-cost users can be identified and assisted in either finding services that are more suited to their usage or changing their usage to approach the company average. Minimizing unwanted use can open up new saving opportunities.

  • Optimize services by usage pattern

Usage transparency can help in analyzing usage patterns for a particular service, and subsequently assist in optimizing the service and cost associated to it.

In a nutshell, gaining insight on the usage of your IT and telecom services is a major step towards technology expense management.

To know more about how a TEM solution like Cimpl can help you optimize your IT and telecom usage and help you save money, contact us now or schedule a free customized demo.

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