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Connected Through Change – Telecom Playbook

Best practices, insights, and an action plan to speed up digital transformation and empower your team for remote productivity

Entering the second quarter of 2020, most companies were forced to scramble to get their workforce out of the office and into their homes. With these rapid changes came the challenge of keeping up with and managing the configuration and cost, both real and opportunity, of remote work capabilities.

In this free eBook, alongside the related Connected Through Change webinars, you’ll learn how to capitalize on these changes to get a better view of your telecom environment. This playbook will take you through managing telecom expenses for remote workers, executing on telecom contract management and saving IT costs in Digital Transformation.

This playbook will help you:

  • Take steps to better manage your mobile, internet and voice environments
  • Establish better telecom contract management with an action plan and contract gotchas to avoid
  • Get ahead of the digital transformation curve by leveraging lesser-known ways to reduce IT spend

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