Upland Cimpl advances IT cost management capabilities

September 28, 2023 3 minute read

Team Cimpl

Next generation of automation and analytics capabilities make it easier to optimize IT costs

Upland Cimpl, an industry recognized provider of technology expense management software, has delivered new capabilities to help IT, finance, and procurement teams precisely manage cost allocations throughout the planning-to-payment process for technology products and services.

Upland, Cimpl Advanced IT Cost Management Capabilities

“Our new automation and analytics capabilities provides complete visibility and added financial control to manage IT investments across an organization’s technology and services portfolio,” said Mat Singer, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Upland. “This means IT, finance, and procurement teams can collaborate closely to ensure investments in telecom, mobile, and cloud services supports business goals and delivers the most value for employees and end customers.”

Added flexibility to support business priorities

The alignment between business plans and the right technology investments   continues to influence how cost management is viewed and prioritized among C-level executives. Gartner® research notes:

“CIOs who effectively communicate and demonstrate success in IT’s supply side, can show the extent to which opportunities in this area have already been taken and the extent to which IT has capacity to self-fund increasing business demand. Showing real evidence to convince the C-suite that IT supply has been maximized, effectively eliminates IT supply as a major source of savings. This, in turn, facilitates a shift in future conversations, to quantity, or business demand, as the most effective remaining way of reducing IT cost.”[1]

With this product release, Upland Cimpl provides IT, finance, and procurement teams with additional flexibility to process, procure, and pay for the right products and services – for the best possible cost – for their business.

Whether it’s immediate cost savings, smarter budgeting, better resource allocation, or investment in the future, Cimpl makes it easy to understand the Total Cost of Ownership so every decision and tradeoff can be made with confidence using the most up-to-date information.

Advanced cost transparency and governance

Additionally, Cimpl’s new capabilities will help shorten invoice life cycle timeframes, allowing IT-related expenses to be paid quickly. This adds more transparency to business processes for budget handling and financial reporting for month, quarter, and year end.

“Our customers want to prove the value of network and technology transformation to all stakeholders and Upland Cimpl places this data at their fingertips,” continued Singer.

Upland Cimpl’s next generation automation and analytics capabilities provide additional benefits, including:

  • Leverage existing IT service management systems: Sync asset inventory with IT service management systems such as ServiceNow, BMC Ready, and Snow Software to make it easy to order and provide people with devices and services. This reduces the need to manage and update multiple inventory catalogues across separate systems.
  • Act quickly on data: Get more opportunities to input, analyze, and share information with key stakeholders with easy to create dashboards and analytics capabilities. More advanced analysis can be uncovered with drill down capabilities across single or multiple data sets.
  • Go beyond basic tracking: Manage orders, invoices, inventory, and contracts at the corporate or department level, and quickly redirect budget to scale or fund priorities identified in other business areas.



[1] Gartner, How to Demonstrate IT Cost Management Success, Bryan Hayes, Cesar Lozada. Refreshed November 19, 2022. Published May 11, 2021. GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and is used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

Leading enterprise and public sector organizations trust Upland Cimpl to accurately build and manage the procure-to-pay process for technology products and services across mobile, telecom, and cloud. Visit www.uplandsoftware.com/cimpl to learn more.

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