Explore Upland Email Marketing

Upland Email Marketing blends ease of use with enterprise-grade functionality to help you deliver engaging customer experiences.

Email Editor

Create beautiful, responsive emails, no HTML knowledge needed. The intuitive email editor enables easy and efficient email production, freeing you up to focus on strategic marketing activities.

upland email marketing email editor

Audience Development

Grow your email list with high-converting onsite email capture widgets using Upland’s audience development tools. The WYSIWYG editor enables you to design capture forms that match your site’s branding, while the flexible rules engine allows you to customize capture widget behavior to maximize conversions.

Data Visualization

Spend less time analyzing your data and more time acting on the results. With our advanced reporting and data visualization capabilities, you get crystal-clear audience insights that you can put to use in future email campaigns.

email marketing analytics

Campaign Management

Build customer journeys that engage your audience at every step of the relationship. Upland Email Marketing’s intuitive, configurable campaign tools make launching and managing effective campaigns easy.

Location Reporting & Targeting

Send messaging that resonates with your audience. Upland Email Marketing’s location reporting provides a clear picture of your audience, while geotargeting functionality enables you to personalize campaigns with the most relevant content.

Render Previews

Ensure your emails looks great in any inbox, no matter the email client or device. With built-in email optimization tools, you can see what your emails look like in dozens of email clients, allowing you to spot and correct rendering errors before you hit “send.”

Email Client Detection

Optimize your emails to your audience. Upland Email Marketing provides insights into the top clients and devices in your audience, allowing you to take a data-driven approach to email development.