Case Study

Rapid City Area Schools for HR Efficiency

“It’s all so easy now. Our staff signs their annual contracts, we countersign, and then it automatically routes back to the employee and straight into their file. Our new process is awesome. Life without FileBound would be like going back to the stone age.” ― Rapid City Area Schools

Buried under mountains of personnel documentation, invoices, and other central office documents, Rapid City Area Schools (RCAS) began their search for a document and automation tool that could organize their information, reduce costs and, most importantly, allow them to put an effective disaster recovery plan in place. Next step? Digital signatures for onboarding, contract renewals, faculty training, and handbooks. RCAS has got a mission to automate every step of the process.

Benefits of FileBound’s solutions for K-12 district management:

  • Digital processes like new hire contracting, onboarding, and training approvals have modernized HR processes
  • Streamlined central office processes in AP and beyond
  • Compliant, secure data adheres to state compliance mandates and disaster recovery efforts

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