Say hello to InterFAX for Mobile

Benefit from the convenience of digital faxing without compromising on functionality or reliability.

Looking for a better way to provide staff working outside office and remote workers with the mobile cloud fax capabilities they need to get work done? InterFAX for Mobile provides a convenient, efficient, and user-friendly way to send and receive faxes from any web-enabled mobile device. InterFAX enables the convenience of digital faxing without compromising functionality or reliability, so you can effortlessly access and manage your fax transmissions from internet accessible mobile devices.

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How does InterFAX for Mobile work?

Getting started with InterFAX for Mobile is a quick, simple experience. There is no download required, which means that rolling out a mobile experience is instantaneous. InterFAX for Mobile is optimized for tablets and smartphones, but it’s not an app – which means you don’t need to worry about outdated versions and app updates. For users who prefer a more app-like experience, they can easily bookmark a link on their home screen. But either way you work it, you can quickly access secure fax transmissions from any internet-enabled device knowing that the data you transmit is secure.

Enjoy the convenience, accessibility, and safety of cloud fax from anywhere. InterFAX for Mobile covers all of the core functionalities you need, optimized conveniently for any mobile device.

  • Easily transmit faxes and review items within the users’ inbox and outbox
  • Cut out the noise to make a simple interaction for mobile devices
  • Quickly and easily capture images of documents from your smartphone or tablet and benefit from automatic quality checks to ensure the captured image looks just right

Ready to learn more? Reach out to book a no-pressure product demonstration to see InterFAX in action.