Connect your Phone with your CRM

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Over the past few weeks InGenius Software has attended several trade shows and we were blown away by the demand for our CRM integrations for InGenius Connector. Specifically, we have been showing our InGenius Connector for Salesforce application that allows for users to make and receive calls directly from Salesforce.

CRM users are thrilled with the application because it allows them to easily track their calls, add notes to a call, have contact records pop-up on an incoming call, and click-to-call from a contact page. What is comes down to is that InGenius Connector for Salesforce helps businesses and small contact centers improve their efficiency, provide better customer service and have more accurate call reports; all of which translates into huge cost savings and potentially greater sales. According to the blog post by John Reed, if businesses can not provide quick, quality service to their customers, the business is doomed to fail. With InGenius Connector for Salesforce, InGenius helps businesses provide exceptional customer service by tying their telephone to their CRM application. Users will never have to put a call on hold to find the contact’s information because it will automatically pop-up, managers can easily keep track of phone call records, and to reach a customer it’s as simple as clicking on their phone number. As Reed puts it “Good CRM means never having to say hold!” and with InGenius Connector for Salesforce, you won’t have to!

If you would like more information on InGenius Connector and CRM integrations contact us at and we would be more than happy to answer your questions.

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