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If you’ve ever had to contact a company for support, you know that customer service is important. But did you know that a whopping 96% of people say that customer service plays a role in their choice of, and loyalty to, a brand? Or that 56% have stopped doing business with a company because of a poor customer service experience (Microsoft – The 2017 Global State of Customer Service Report)?

What makes someone decide they’ve had enough? Getting transferred around and having to repeat themselves, not being able to reach a live person, and not getting an adequate answer are all top reasons someone may choose to leave your company. Conversely, understanding your customer’s needs and prior history, availability on multiple channels, and reaching someone knowledgeable all lead to satisfied customers and a positive impact on your customer satisfaction score (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS).

Where you might previously have relied just on phone support, other channels such as social and live chat have also become important. This gives customers more ways to reach your company, in their preferred medium, and results in more data being shared overall. With this multi-channel approach though, customers may need to repeat their problem, and there’s an added risk of an inconsistent brand and message experience. But there’s a solution.


Omni-channel diagramOmni-channel means your support systems are all linked together. It lets your customers communicate through their channel of choice – whether that’s phone, email, chat, or social – and provides seamless transitions between them by creating a shared log of data. With omni-channel, information discussed over an online chat is available to phone agents and vice versa. There’s no need for history to be re-explained, and it saves your agents time for a true win-win situation.

Omni-channel can also mean allowing your customer-facing employees to manage multiple channels at once. Instead of waiting for the next call to come in, for example, reps can tackle an online chat. This improves agent productivity, and for your customers, decreases their hold time.

How Does Salesforce Omni-Channel Work with InGenius Connector Enterprise to Improve CSAT?

Customers are happiest when they quickly and easily can get the information or help they need for your product or service. InGenius and Salesforce Omni-Channel integration enables:

  • Blended agent support, where reps can respond over multiple channels throughout their day
  • Multiple channels of support so customers can choose what works best for them
  • More data sources to gain a better understanding of your customer experience
  • Consolidated customer records so every rep has them at their fingertips and can accurately address the issue
  • Easier key performance indicator (KPI) tracking
  • Lower frustration because customers don’t need to repeat themselves
  • Decreased hold times by allowing reps to reduce their downtime

The InGenius and Salesforce Omni-Channel integration ensures customers reach reps who are knowledgeable of their situation and history, no matter how they choose to communicate. When a company is more accessible and better understands a customer’s needs, that’s when your customer loyalty improves.

Watch this video to learn more about our InGenius and Salesforce Omni-Channel integration:

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