InGenius and Salesforce Omni-Channel: a Winning Combination

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FootballWith Major League Baseball spring training on the horizon, many people might be ready to forget about football and start thinking about the upcoming baseball season. Not so, here at InGenius, where we’re still reeling from this year’s thrilling, record-breaking, Super Bowl LI match-up. As the Patriots and the Falcons challenged each other on the field, we couldn’t help but think about how many of the principles that contribute to a champion football team can also be applied to successful and effective CTI integration. InGenius might not have a legendary coach like Bill Belichick calling the shots, but we’re confident that he would approve of the game plan we’ve developed to provide contact centers with the systems they need to work as efficiently and as productively as possible.

Working with Salesforce, InGenius adds to their innovative Omni-Channel solution by integrating deep telephony support. Omni-Channel’s comprehensive approach to customer service is evident in its ability to route work items to qualified blended agents according to their availability. This saves agents from having to manually choose items from a queue and ensures that the ones they receive are prioritized depending on management’s needs. By allowing Salesforce to keep telephony and Omni-Channel statuses in sync, agents can focus on one thing at a time and improve their customer interactions.

Inspired by the Patriots’ big win, we’ve come up with a few examples that demonstrate how the InGenius approach to Omni-Channel telephony integration shares some key features with this year’s Super Bowl champs.

1.Bill Belichick is known for employing utility players, or players who can play multiple positions. He recognizes that versatility creates more chances and understands that in order to be efficient, it helps to have people who understand the game from all angles.

With InGenius, organizations can choose to assign agents to specific work items depending on their experience and specialties. Blended agents can have access to multiple channels, including email, chat, and telephone. By consolidating multiple types of customers within a single window, agents are able to get a big picture look at the work they have and gain a better understanding of the kind of work they can expect to do.

2.Like any good coach, Bill Belichick knows that if you wait too long to make improvements to your game plan, it might be too late for them to have an impact on the results. As early as the first quarter he was tinkering with his lines, and changing things up depending on what was working and what was not.

By providing pre-configured reports, InGenius gives managers the tools they need to easily keep track of presence state changes on a per-agent and per-team basis. This lets managers monitor overall performance and pinpoint the conditions that make their contact center effective. They are then able to implement intelligent changes based on this analysis.

3.At halftime, when the Patriots were down 21-3, they understood that with the time that was left, they had to be as efficient as possible, focusing on incremental improvements to their score. By limiting the number of running plays, Tom Brady set a Super Bowl record for passing yards, which resulted in less lost time.

InGenius limits the number of clicks an agent has to make by integrating telephony UI directly into Salesforce. This ensures that a blended agent has a single view of all of the work items assigned to them. Not only that, but by providing the option to place agents into their last available state when a call ends, InGenius eliminates the need for agents to take time placing themselves into a new state. An efficient contact center means increased productivity and less wasted time.

4.When the Super Bowl game went into overtime and scoring a touchdown was crucial to the Patriots’ success, they relied on players who could block their opponents and provide a clear path to the end zone. Without having players in front to block the incoming defense, James White wouldn’t have been able to push his way to the line and win the game.

It’s not always easy to stay on task when there’s a lot to do and multiple channels to monitor. InGenius addresses this by notifying Salesforce when an agent is on a call or unavailable, and then blocking items from being routed to them. This allows the agent to focus on one customer interaction at a time, and not get distracted thinking about the list of upcoming items, which means better quality interactions and ultimately, customer satisfaction.

With the precision of a top-notch quarterback and the speed of a star running back, InGenius is ready to support your CTI needs. Check out our new video on Salesforce Omni-Channel with InGenius telephony integration to see us in action:

To find out how your organization can benefit from a team with a winning record, contact us today!

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