InGenius for ServiceNow CSM

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Upland Admin

The InGenius team was very excited to announce a brand new integration for ServiceNow CSM this month.  ServiceNow is an easy-to-use service management solution that allows contact center agents to proactively identify and remedy issues on a service health dashboard. With InGenius built right into the ServiceNow window, users gain the clean user interface and flagship features that make InGenius the only CTI solution to meet unique contact center needs. Together, the integrated products give managers a comprehensive view of all customer interactions, and enables them to create world-class contact centers.


Agents are able to make calls by clicking on a phone number in ServiceNow. They can reduce their number of clicks, and avoid misdialing or fumbling with a desk phone.

Screen Pop

When a call comes through, the customer’s information appears on the screen. This puts the interaction history of callers at agents’ fingertips, allowing them to start calls on a warm note.

Call Logging

When a call is over, customizable templates make it easy to log relevant information without having to repeat anything, saving your agents valuable time.

Watch the latest version of our video on ServiceNow with InGenius for a demo of how all these features work together:

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