Knowledge Powered CTI: The perfect marriage of solutions to empower contact center agents

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Imagine this perfect scenario: A contact center with tenured and empowered agents. Agents that look forward to coming to work every day because they have been equipped with the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and easily. Agents that feel that they are making a difference to your customers, while at the same time feeling like they are contributing to their colleagues’ success and by extension, the business.

Does this seem like an impossible task? Without the proper tools at the contact center’s disposal, maybe. Luckily, there are solutions. Enter Upland Software, which offers both computer telephony integration (CTI) and knowledge management, or better yet, knowledge-powered CTI – the perfect marriage of solutions to help agents accomplish their tasks more quickly and easily.

Upland InGenius gives agents the ability to make and receive calls by creating what is essentially an extension of the phone inside the same browser pane as their CRM. It takes just one click to make outbound calls or to answer incoming calls, with full visibility of the contact and any context of the call.

Upland RightAnswers provides agents with a tool they can use to browse their existing knowledge base, presenting the relevant information to the agent’s view directly inside their CRM window.

By implementing both InGenius and RightAnswers you will be equipping your agents with the tools they need to address customer calls faster and with more confidence. They will no longer feel the struggle of performing database searches with misspelled names, asking numerous verification questions or struggling to find the relevant information they need in their knowledge base to answer their customers’ inquiries. The downstream effect of making your agents’ workflow easier is a more satisfying work environment, thus leading to lower rates of agent churn. By investing in both InGenius and RightAnswers, you will exemplify how vital your agents are to the organization, and by extension, to your customers.

When using RightAnswers, agents can both use and contribute to the knowledge base. We know there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with very unique customer inquiries, but by improving agent retention, agents will build a wealth of knowledge and over time, companies will amass a thorough, detailed knowledge base that can be shared throughout the team. By celebrating collaboration, Knowledge Management can continue to grow, become more refined, and provide agents the opportunity to continue to improve their daily toolset.

Allowing agents to address customer queries easily through knowledge management is one part of empowering contact center agents, but ensuring that relevant information can be added to the CRM properly is essential. It is vital that agents can provide details pertaining to the customer inside the CRM seamlessly. InGenius will not only allow the agent to make or receive calls easier, but is also a highly configurable tool that can assist in capturing relevant customer-driven data directly into the CRM. Call notes, call logs, and other call data creates a powerful image of each interaction, which allows the business to capture and report on this important data inside the CRM.

Investing in your call center through Knowledge-Powered CTI with Upland InGenius and Upland RightAnswers is an investment in your agents, in your business’ CRM data, and in your customers. Giving your agents the tools they need with InGenius and RightAnswers will result in improved call handle time, personalized, relevant, and knowledgeable conversations, and the ability to identify call drivers. To learn more about Knowledge-Powered CTI, contact our team.

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