Lightning Strikes Open CTI – The Latest from Salesforce

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Gautam Vasudev, Director of Product Management for Service Cloud at Salesforce, wrote a great blog post on why the voice channel matters more than ever to the customer experience and how Salesforce is embracing this with Lightning Open CTI.  If you’re not familiar with computer telephony integration (CTI), the article gives some background on how Salesforce started with CTI and what it’s developed into today. Gautam also does a nice job breaking down what Lightning will mean to CTI users, including a drag and drop experience for components, easy set-up, and an intuitive user interface.

A quote that I love from his post says, “Voice is often the difference between a customer churn and loyalty, a promoter or a detractor.” What a fantastic way to describe why Lightning Open CTI is such an important project for both Salesforce and InGenius customers!

Speaking of great quotes, our own Dale Gantous is mentioned in the blog post, giving her take on Lightning Open CTI:

Quote from Dale Gantous, InGenius CEO

If you’re interested in Salesforce Lightning and integrating telephony to your CRM, I recommend giving Gautam’s piece a read at

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