Not your Garden Variety CTI Solution

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System and tool inefficiencies disrupt and slow down agents
As the summer temperatures finally arrive for us more northerly folk, the time has come to get outside and put some serious work into our gardens. But we’re not just cultivating splendid things to enjoy outside – during the work week, we’re also growing what we have with InGenius Connector Enterprise for Salesforce Sales Cloud. And let me tell you, everything’s coming up roses.

According to research from ICMI (International Customer Management Institute), 71% of call centers report that system and tool inefficiencies disrupt and slow down agents. No one wants slugs in their garden or sluggishness in their call center, and this is where InGenius can help. Our telephony integration for Salesforce Sales Cloud gives outbound agents features like click-to-dial, intelligent dialing, integrated call control and automatic call logging to ensure agents are fast and productive.

Reading is fun, but let us show you why this isn’t your garden variety CTI solution. We have a new video on how InGenius enables Salesforce Sales Cloud users to increase their outbound call capacity and to be more efficient when making those calls:

In the mixed flower bed of telephony integration, we are clearly the perennial leader. Our close relationship with Salesforce means that InGenius Connector Enterprise leads the way in innovation, and provides the very best in user interface design and application functionality. If you’re considering telephony integration to boost agent performance and streamline your contact center operations, we extend an open invitation to team up with InGenius.

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