Salesforce High Velocity Sales

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InGenius helps inside sales teams close more deals in less time by boosting their productivity with Salesforce High Velocity Sales.

Earlier this summer, a bunch of new Salesforce features became available when we released InGenius Connector Enterprise 6.4. Some of them you might already be aware of, like escalating to an agent from an Einstein bot, support for pop out, InGenius Preview Dialer for Salesforce, and our integration for Financial Services Cloud. We also added support for Salesforce High Velocity Sales – a streamlined solution for sales teams.

High Velocity Sales is designed to speed up the sales process for inside sales, sales development and business development teams through a combination of phone integration, artificial intelligence (AI) and a single-pane-of-glass view that avoids the time suck of switching between different apps.


InGenius Connector Enterprise in Salesforce High Velocity Sales screenshot.

Salesforce Work Queue

One key advantage of High Velocity Sales centers around the Salesforce Work Queue, or My List, which is a prioritized list of tasks for each individual sales rep. This list makes it easy for users to know not only who to contact next, but also the best contact method for each lead whether that be phone, email or another medium. The Work Queue is created from a combination of two places – a Sales Cadence of activities and wait times that a manager can create, and from Einstein intelligence that analyzes the data in Salesforce and predicts the leads that are most likely to convert.

Voice Integration into Salesforce

The InGenius user interface sits in the Salesforce Lightning window and adds an important piece – voice integration – to the puzzle. InGenius enables click-to-dial on the phone numbers in the Work Queue (or anywhere else in Salesforce), eliminating the need for manual dialing and any opportunity for misdials.

InGenius can also advance through the Sales Cadence based on call results, which are easy to log right in InGenius. Let’s say, for example, a call to a prospective customer goes well. After the call is logged, that lead can be moved to the next step in the cadence. If the call is not successful, the call will still be logged, but the lead can be filtered as appropriate. In either case, InGenius automatically completes the associated My List tasks, reducing the number of clicks required to accurately track the call results.

For the times when the lead doesn’t pick up, users can leave a prerecorded message using voicemail drop. This ensures the best message is being left every time without the fatigue and repetition of having to actually say it.

InGenius, in combination with Salesforce High Velocity Sales, gives inside sales, sales development and business development teams the tools they need to operate in the smartest, most efficient way.

Interested in learning more about the InGenius integration for Salesforce High Velocity Sales? Contact us at or 613-591-9002 x3000.

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