How to Succeed in Reporting without Really Trying

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InGenius Report for Average Call Handle TimeIf you’ve ever been a student, you’ve probably had a moment (or two) where an important report was due the next day, and in a panic over the time crunch you’d think (or yell), “I wish this thing could just write itself!” It’s not that you weren’t prepared, or that you didn’t know your stuff — the time-consuming nature of report creation can daunt even the most well-prepared teacher’s pet.

Fast forward a couple of years: all that work paid off and now you’re the manager of a contact center using Salesforce. The work is great, and it turns out reports are more important than ever! You understand that they’re an excellent way to gain a 360 degree view of customer interactions and to maximize agent productivity, but on top of all your other work, you might find yourself going back to the kind of thoughts you had during your school days.

This is where the InGenius report package comes in. Using valuable time and resources to save valuable time and resources is unproductive, so we’ve done the work and created a set of customized reports that will allow you to get a big picture look at agent productivity. InGenius contact center reports provide two levels of visibility: agent-level and team-level. Agent information provides data on individual performance according to specific parameters, and team information provides group data that can be scoped to a designated time frame.

Both types include reports on average handle time and total talk time. Reports on the team level include successful call counts, call results, successful call list and call volume reports. InGenius will ensure that this information is presented in a way that’s easy to understand so you can manage your contact center as effectively as possible.

For bonus points, if your contact center supports blended agents using Omni-Channel, we can tutor you here too. Custom InGenius agent presence reports and service presence status reports show you the time agents spend in the busy, available and not ready statuses, within a time frame of your choice. These reports provide managers with the tools required to effectively monitor and manage their teams.

While there are some things from your school days that might make you wax nostalgic (like spring break!), spending too much time re-writing reports shouldn’t be one of them. Stick with InGenius though, and you’re sure to get an A!

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