Tips to Make Your Contact Center More Productive

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If you’re working in a role like customer service, help desk support, or sales, it’s basically a requirement that you spend a lot of time on the phones, and you typically end up spending a lot of time doing the same tasks over and over.

Productive reps are the backbone of any contact center. But when you’re dealing with a large volume of calls, even the smallest inefficiencies can add up. Common pain points like repetitive data entry, clunky call transfers, and complicated call-wrap up can all decrease agent productivity and employee satisfaction. Luckily, there’s a solution. Computer telephony integration, or CTI, addresses these inefficiencies – and more – to make it easier for employees to do their jobs and spend more time with customers instead of on processes. CTI connects phone systems into customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

If you’re new to CTI or just considering a solution, it can be hard to imagine to just how much of a difference it can make for your agents. We at InGenius find that on average, companies see a decrease in 1 minute per call, just from screen pop, click-to-dial, screen transfer and automated call logging:

The time savings CTI from InGenius provides per call: -20 seconds from screen pop, -15 seconds from click-to-dial, -15 seconds from CRM screen transfer, and -35 seconds from automated call logging.

How can these features save time?

CTI delivers productivity benefits by combining telephony and CRM information into one interface, reducing clicks and streamlining call logging. The four time savers mentioned above are the most commonly recognized features of CTI, and a key part of InGenius Connector Enterprise. But there are additional features that you might not be aware of yet, or that you’re just not using to their maximum capability.

Maximize productivity with these CTI features

Here are some elements to note if you want to make sure that you’re realizing a CTI solution’s full potential, so you can truly optimize your business.

Call controls like dialing, hanging up, transferring calls and creating a conference can be used right in the CTI interface. This eliminates the need to fumble with a desk phone or switch to a different application, because everything is embedded directly in the CRM.

Call log templates save agents time on each call by enabling one-click notes. Common call notes like “looking for part number” can be dropped into your CRM with just one click. Macros can even be used to add variables like the date and time of a call. This allows agents to focus on the call instead of spending time typing out repetitive notes. Call logs are saved automatically when the call is hung up and the result can also be used to create reports that identify the reasons customers are calling. Bonus: these reports are great for figuring out the most common questions customers ask.

Speed dials make calling frequently dialed contacts a breeze and eliminate the risk of misdialing. When clicking the transfer button, speed dials can also be used for transfers, which saves callers the frustration of having to repeat information with the new rep.

Click-to-create, in just a few clicks, allows agents to create and save a case in the CRM that’s automatically populated with call notes. This reduces the number of clicks and keystrokes, saves time and increases the accuracy of the case for each call.

Our newest video, Productivity with InGenius CTI, highlights all of these features within InGenius as well as some additional tips to make the most of a CTI investment. For more details on how CTI increases productivity, watch the video:

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