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Blended Agents: Blending Digital Channels and Voice in the Modern Contact Center

Using CTI to support a voice channel is making a difference in the modern contact center.

Blended Agents whitepaper

While many businesses have built their brand identities and reputations around providing outstanding customer service, the importance of doing so is rising to new heights. New customer expectations are fueling what PricewaterhouseCoopers refer to as an “experience economy”, where nearly three-quarters of consumers feel that a positive experience as a key driver in influencing their brand loyalties¹.

But at the same time, most businesses haven’t struck the right balance with the technology they’ve deployed to optimize the customer experience. While consumers may appreciate the quick hit results available to them via a chatbot or social media exchange, PwC data shows that consumers want the opportunity for more, not less, human interaction.

So how can businesses use technology to deliver on new customer expectations and strike the right balance of human and digital experiences?

The Best Way Forward: Blended Agents

In this whitepaper, produced in collaboration with No Jitter, you’ll discover the power of the voice channel and why building an omnichannel environment around voice is so critical to delivering a human-to-human customer experience. You’ll gain insights into…

  • The importance of a fully blended desktop and enabling agents to move seamlessly across channels as they interact with your customers
  • How to use technology like computer telephony integration (CTI) to support a voice channel on the agent desktop alongside chat, text, email, and social media channels
  • Tips and best practices for getting started with blending voice and digital channels

Businesses can’t afford to overlook the importance of people talking to people in this “experience economy”.  Download the whitepaper and rehumanize your contact center today!

¹PwC, “Experience is Everything: Here’s How to Get it Right“, 2018


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