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Hospitality goes beyond offering your guests luxurious accommodations and stellar concierge recommendations. You need to offer the flexibility to book via fax, email, or forms while keeping guests’ personal information secure. Protect your hotel from exposure with InterFAX’s PCI DSS-accredited cloud fax and document delivery platform that allows you to receive and share documents through a secure, online portal.

Imagine if you had cloud fax technology that could:

  • Eliminate old, bulky fax machines and integrate with the systems you already have in place
  • Quickly and securely process guests requests and automatically send them to the correct staff, departments, and records
  • Eliminate data security concerns while lowering operational costs
  • Monitor communications, maintain compliance, and safeguard payment and personal information from one secure web interface

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Nearly one-third of hospitality organizations have encountered a data breach in their company’s history, resulting in millions lost.

$2.94 M

Ponemon and IBM Security’s 2022 global case study report revealed that $2.94 million was the average total cost of a data breach in the hospitality industry.

383 M

As many as 383 million people over the world had their records exposed as a result of the 2019 Marriott International data breach.

Provide a seamless cloud fax user experience.

InterFAX is trusted by hospitality companies around the world to safely send and receive confidential, PCI-DSS-protected information instantly from a secure web interface. Empower your staff to send faxes, verify delivery, and access detailed records and reports from a central dashboard to benefit from results such as:

  • Streamlined time-sensitive guest communications
  • Decreased data-safety risks
  • Full customization and scalability for your organization’s needs
  • Reduced burden on your IT team

Check all the boxes for security and compliance.

PCI DSS has changed the way the travel industry handles credit card payments. With our best-in-class, PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant cloud-based document delivery, you can work faster while ensuring the security of your guests’ information. InterFAX can help you:

  • Protect data by TLS encryption, user authentication, “delete upon delivery,” and more
  • Transmit information between departments or locations and automatically archive within guest records
  • Align with Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, HIPAA, PHIPA, and ISO 27001 accreditation standards
  • Easily support seamless, reliable, and excellent guest services

How can cloud fax accelerate safe, reliable guest services?

InterFAX meets the world’s most stringent security requirements, ensuring that all transactions and communications between your hotel and your guests are kept completely secure around the clock.

Customize cloud fax for your needs.

InterFAX’s cloud fax solution supports your hospitality organization with a flexible developer API that allows you to tailor InterFAX to meet your specific needs and also integrates with leading CRMs.

Speed up bookings to wow guests.

Reliable cloud fax accelerates the exchange of guest records, special requests, payment processes, and more to ensure that any size organization can handle a high volume of bookings more efficiently. 

Ensure guest documents get transferred securely.

Built-in security features such as TLS encryption, user authentication, and “delete upon delivery” safeguards personal information and facilitates streamlined team communication while reducing IT maintenance and eliminating hardware upkeep. 

Monitor communications and maintain compliance.

InterFAX-transmitted documents allow staff to review specific details or create reports based on guest record, sender, recipient, or customized fields to ensure compliance and audit-readiness. 

Empower staff with better technology.

InterFAX’s user-friendly dashboard interface allows busy staff to quickly transmit bookings paperwork, payments, and other information between locations or to guests. Because it’s in the cloud, critical information can be made accessible from anywhere, whether from the reception desk or corporate headquarters.

Boost your organization's reputation.

Versatile cloud fax technology can go live at in minutes—no lengthy implementation cycle required. InterFAX can help you improve efficiency to unburden your staff and provide guests with the smooth, seamless customer experience to inspire those 5-star reviews.

InterFAX is a reliable bridge between traditional and digital communication, seamlessly integrating with our modern workflows to offer a secure, paperless route for transmitting documents without the need for desktop fax clients or bulky hardware. The InterFAX support team has been critical to our success, they have been a great partner from general inquiries to port requests.

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