Secure cloud fax for manufacturing.

InterFAX’s secure cloud fax service streamlines operational processes for manufacturing companies by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving response times while adhering to strict compliance guidelines.

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Cloud fax gets it done

Stay ahead of the game with cloud faxing.

In today’s world, it’s vital to be able to transmit documents instantaneously to keep up with the break-neck speed of the manufacturing industry. InterFAX’s cloud fax service enables companies to do just that while ensuring the security of each document through our PCI DSS Level 1 certification.

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Rest easy with secure & compliant communications

Safeguarding your customers’ confidential information is no small feat. Let us handle the details.

  • Rest easy knowing our PCI DSS Level 1 certification ensures secure transactions.
  • HIPAA and PHIPA compliance means all other customer information is secure, too.
  • Keep faxes secure with by TLS encryption, user authentication, “delete upon delivery,” and more.
  • Maintain a full audit trail of faxes sent and received, provided through our servers.
  • Hide destination fax numbers for an added layer of security.
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Optimize workflow while cutting costs

Provide your customers with the speed, accuracy, and security that they need while keeping costs low.

  • Instantly send documentation where it needs to go, decreasing response times.
  • Send and receive faxes online through your email, the native web interface, mobile, and other scanning devices.
  • Enable powerful workflow tools to automate fax routing, reception, and delivery.
  • No hardware, installation, software licensing, or additional phone lines required.
  • Developer API integrates seamlessly with leading CRM platforms and environments.
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Meet rigorous industry compliance standards

InterFAX is HIPAA and PHIPA compliant, ISO 27001 accredited, and the first cloud fax provider to be PCI DSS Level 1 certified.

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Improve customer experience with faster response times

Automatically transmit documents the minute they’re received, sending them exactly where they need to go without wasting any time.

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Empower staff to get work done from anywhere

Send and receive faxes through the web-based InterFAX Control Panel, which is accessible from anywhere via desktop or mobile device.

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