Versatile options for customized cloud fax.

There’s no universal “right” way to do cloud fax. You want flexible options to enhance your business and we’ve got you covered with our versatile API, as well as REST and SOAP protocols. Want to check it out? Become an InterFAX developer today – in just a few minutes!

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API Methods

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InterFAX Developers get all the benefits

What’s in it for me?

Join our developer program at no cost, and get access to our Developer API, free faxing to one number, and the help of our friendly expert support team so you can get up and running in no time.

features and benefits

Simple, scalable cloud fax

No installations, hardware, boards, servers, or headaches. Build it, scale it endlessly, and get faxes wherever they need to go. It’s that simple.

  • One fax or millions, we can handle whatever volume you need.
  • Our servers live worldwide to bring data sovereignty and ensure reliable service.
  • You’re in control. Monitor everything right from your web-based admin screen.
features and benefits

Ensure data integrity and security

We know you mean business. That’s why we offer encrypted fax service, SSL access, and compliance with regulatory data standards so you can rest easy.

  • Aligns with HIPAA and PHIPA to ensure PII is protected for all inbound/outbound faxes.
  • Outbound PCI DSS compliant faxing ensures security for transmitted credit card information.
  • Compliant to the EU Data Protection Directive for all faxes sent in the EU.

The possibilities are endless

InterFAX enhances business across industries by providing reliable cloud communications for a variety of everyday tasks.

Smarter accounting practices
  • Automate fax invoices for faster payment turnaround
  • Initiate payment confirmations directly from order processing systems
Tastier restaurant orders
  • Offer convenient, secure online ordering
  • Automatically fax from website to kitchen
Worry-free adventure
  • Fax itineraries to travelers quickly
  • Ensure secure transmission of payment data
Enhanced workflow
  • Keep remote workers in check from wherever they are
  • Fax work orders directly from workflow management systems
hipaa compliant
pci dss
iso 27001
phipa compliant

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