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InterFAX plays nicely with your existing systems, so you can streamline secure communications and just get down to business. Learn more about a few of our cloud fax integrations, as well as our versatile Developer API so you can customize your cloud fax solution to fit your organization’s specific needs.

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InterFAX + Epic

Our fully managed, HIPAA secure cloud fax integrates and works seamlessly with Epic 2017+. Quickly set up an account, transfer existing fax numbers, and begin faxing securely in minutes with no downtime.

  • Send faxes directly from the Epic interface
  • Automatically deliver inbound faxes to specific network folders and attach them to the right patient record
  • Access detailed records of every fax transmitted or received via the InterFAX web portal
  • Create reports on fax usage by patient, sender, recipient, or customized fields to ensure compliance

InterFAX + Salesforce

InterFAX’s Salesforce integration brings cloud fax capabilities to Salesforce users to help them easily integrate fax activities with other important business workflow processes.

  • Send and receive faxes from within the Salesforce interface using InterFAX’s REST API. You’ll need a Salesforce account as well as an InterFAX account and user, which can be set up with either credit or pre-paid pricing methods

InterFAX + OncoEMR

InterFAX integrates with Flatiron’s OncoEMR to provide oncology practices with an integrated, user friendly cloud fax solution. Access resilient inbound/outbound fax delivery for medical records, referrals, lab results, and other medical documents from the convenience of your EMR.

  • InterFAX Outbound Faxing – InterFAX’s API allows subscribers to send secure PHI directly from a fax queue from within the EMR
  • InterFAX Inbound Faxing – InterFAX’s SFTP site allows subscribers to receive secure PHI directly to a repository from within the EMR that provides a sorting and routing workflow

InterFAX + Email

With InterFAX, securely sending a fax can literally be as easy as sending an email. To send a fax online via email, users can utilize any standard e-mail program, such as their organization’s Microsoft Outlook account, or they can even be set up to send faxes web-based mail, such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail.

  • Simply log into your email application of choice, then
  • Enter the recipient fax number in standard international notation (“plus” sign, country code, area code, fax number) into the “To” line, and append the domain (“fax dot telecom”), like this
Supercharged Security

HIPAA-compliant, PCI DSS Level 1 certified, ISO 27001 accredited, SOC 2 audited, and secure and encrypted: InterFAX helps you adhere to strict document security standards.

Smooth Migration

Our implementation team can help you easily migrate away from even the largest and most complex fax server configurations, with minimal impact on operations and no additional cost.

Dedicated Support

Moving from on-premise to cloud? Bring your existing fax numbers over and easily add new numbers as your business grows. InterFAX’s implementation and support teams will be by your side—whatever you need.

InterFAX Developers get all the benefits

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Join our developer program at no cost, and get access to our Developer API, free faxing to one number, and the help of our friendly expert support team so you can get up and running in no time.

Ready, set, grow.

As your business evolves, our technology is designed to meet your needs. Reach out to learn how InterFAX’s user-friendly, secure cloud fax can help your team get more done.

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