5 reasons Canadian healthcare providers are taking fax to the cloud

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The year-in-review is pretty straightforward for global healthcare providers: 2020 was a challenge. During the pandemic, healthcare offices of all sizes had to quickly shift protocols to allow administrative staff to work from home while still providing services to patients. This shift has meant considering new technology to support remote staff working on tasks like scheduling appointments, transmitting medical records and insurance documentation, and processing referrals, to name a few. The future of fax is in the cloud; taking processes digital will help medical providers with Canadian healthcare fax.

For that reason, we’re dubbing 2020 as “the year of the cloud fax,” as this resource has more than proven its merit in a year geared toward ensuring services can continue despite a truly grueling reality. Many healthcare offices have already pivoted to transform their communications processes digitally. Let’s take a look at why they’re making the leap from legacy fax to the cloud:

Physical fax to cloud

With the advent of internet-based fax, the ability to offer fax as a service through cloud-based infrastructures has become of interest to companies of all sizes in recent years, and with good reason. Cloud-based fax services provide the ability to eliminate on-premise fax infrastructures, telecom lines, and paper or printing-related costs and challenges. When sending and receiving faxes is just as simple as sending or receiving an email, user experience is improved, and communications are faster and more reliable.

Data residency and compliance

After all, safeguarding critical patient information from data breaches, manual employee mishandling, or merely becoming “lost” in disparate systems is paramount in our current business climate. Reputation loss and fees for non-compliance are enough to drive you not to miss the mark.

Improved accessibility

Digital transformation has changed the way we deal with the faxing of documents. What was once a process that dealt only with paper has evolved into capturing an image of that physical document and routing that electronic image directly to the right person while ensuring access to any supplementary archived documents. With cloud faxing, data is automatically extracted and directed right into the appropriate patient file. It can then be easily routed to appropriate staff for review and approval directly through the EMR or web interface.

Faster patient services

Healthcare providers handle hundreds – even thousands – of sensitive documents and urgent requests every day. The volume of documents can easily lead to bottlenecking, which means patients may need to wait longer for care. With cloud fax, patients have 24/7 access to submit medical records or urgent documents via the web to providers. Those providers can quickly route time-sensitive materials to associated offices or providers to get services scheduled, request test results, manage insurance claims, and more. Fast, reliable, and secure – what’s not to love?

Business continuity

Simply put, cloud fax promotes work from anywhere. It allows remote staff to bring content into your organization’s workflow, route it to colleagues or other providers, and add it to matter-centric files within your office’s EMR to review or archive it for later retrieval – all from one central web-accessible location. Cloud fax also allows immediate failover and redundancy to aid in recovery and ensure business continuity in a disaster or global event. Specifically, any documents transmitted during a worldwide event or failure won’t be “lost”; instead, cloud fax ensures all communications’ delivery upon successful failover.

Wrap up

We’ve seen the shift, and we know that many healthcare providers want technology that enables them to perform critical work from anywhere. Whatever the global climate, ensuring business continuity is key to public health and safety. Adding cloud fax to your technology set allows busy staff to achieve more by granting reliable access to the information they need to provide superior service and ensure that patient data is secure. The future of fax is in the cloud, and during a time of accelerated need, taking processes digital will help you align your capabilities to provide better services to patients.

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