6 Ways InterFAX for Salesforce Safeguards & Streamlines Communications

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Enhance Communications with InterFAX for Salesforce

Upland InterFAX for Salesforce empowers organizations to incorporate secure document transfer functionalities directly into their Salesforce experience. This integration facilitates cloud-based fax communications that are accessible within the Salesforce platform itself. 

Getting started with InterFAX for Salesforce is straightforward, conducted outside of Salesforce through the native Upland interface. Users can be provisioned easily, with the option for dedicated fax numbers per user or shared resources. Sending and receiving volumes are centrally managed for each organization’s account, ensuring efficient usage. 

Users have the flexibility to securely send data from various interfaces, including Salesforce, email, or the web interface. This versatility streamlines communication processes and enhances productivity within workflows. 

Moreover, InterFAX’s integration with Salesforce offers seamless account setup and transition with no service downtime. Users can transfer existing fax numbers and immediately start transmitting documents, ensuring continuity in operations. 

Benefits of InterFAX for Salesforce Integration 

Safeguard data 

You can relax knowing InterFAX for Salesforce ensures secure and compliant faxing. We prioritize data security by employing TLS encryption, user authentication, and “delete upon delivery” features to meet HIPAA, PHIPA, and PCI DSS compliance standards. Switching to a secure cloud document transfer solution safeguards sensitive information during transmission. 

Streamline workflows 

Achieve peak productivity right within the Salesforce platform. Seamlessly send communications, verify deliveries, access extensive records, leverage Salesforce data fields for enhanced reporting, and much more. Enabling cloud-based document transfers allows tasks to be managed more efficiently, promoting productivity. 

Simplify communications 

Best of all, everything is conveniently accessible directly from your Salesforce dashboard, eliminating the need to search for and locate documents.Users can transmit documents swiftly, facilitating rapid data transfer and communication. 

Guarantee delivery 

InterFAX guarantees that communications reach their intended recipient, ensuring transmission reliability. InterFAX will attempt to send the message up to six times in the event of a failure. Incoming transmissions can be automatically routed to designated network folders, reducing manual intervention. 

Analyze reports 

Integrating metadata can boost your reporting efficiency. Salesforce data fields can be leveraged as metadata to enhance search and filtering functions, thus enhancing analysis capabilities. 

Minimize hardware 

Get rid of the hassle of maintaining physical fax machines and save your IT team the trouble. We’ll handle the complexities of secure document transfer while you concentrate on your essential operations. 

Wrap Up 

With InterFAX for Salesforce, organizations can streamline workflows and facilities communications, guarantee delivery, and access enhanced reporting capabilities directly from the Salesforce platform. This integration minimizes reliance on outdated analog hardware, freeing up resources for core operations, while InterFAX manages the intricacies of cloud faxing. Simplify your organization’s operations and processes by allowing access to safe, reliable document transfers within the Salesforce interface. 

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