Challenge vs. Opportunity: Embracing Digital Transformation via Cloud Fax

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There’s no question; global events in the past few years have created urgent business challenges that organizations across all industries will continue to navigate well into the future. Yet for organizations with established robust digital data management and communications technology, work during COVID continued. Their customers benefitted from uninterrupted services, and staff seamlessly transitioned to their ‘new normal’ remote working reality. At the same time, unprepared organizations faced the challenge (and opportunity) of quickly finding software and services that enhance flexibility, bolster security, and ensure business continuity.

For healthcare facilities, the remote challenge is real – and many providers are pivoting to rise to the challenge. Offices have remained open to provide superior patient care, but many administrative staff members have required concrete resources to adapt to remote work conditions. After all – who has a fax machine at home?

Cloud fax is a modern technology that enables staff working remotely with scheduling appointments, processing paperwork, referrals, insurance claims, and communicating with patients and their families just as simple as logging in to a web interface.

Remote access is only one reason cloud faxing has become increasingly prevalent for healthcare providers. Fax remains the most reliable form of data transfer for many providers. Cloud faxing takes the capabilities of faxing to the next level by adding additional security layers, enhancing scalability, and providing flexible capabilities for busy IT teams while reducing costs.

When considering a cloud-based fax service, another layer of complexity arises as organizations must also consider the vital importance of having reliable security of their data. Data privacy regulations continue to evolve and finding a cloud fax provider with widespread data privacy capabilities is critical for healthcare providers to promote secure access to data and business continuity.

InterFAX’s global data centers continue to expand across borders to ensure that customers worldwide can rest assured that their data is secure and adheres to regulatory compliance measures. Data sovereignty guarantees that patient data is accessible anytime, whatever global circumstances arise. Other key security components of InterFAX cloud fax include:

  • Aligns with HIPAA security standards for US-based providers
  • Adheres to PHIPA and meets Canada’s PIPEDA data residency requirements via our Montreal-based data center
  • Allows for secure payment data transmission via our PCI DSS Level 1 Certification
  • TLS encryption for inbound and outbound fax transmissions
  • Security features like User Authentication and automatic fax deletion upon delivery
  • Secure Fax API helps developers create an integrated, secure cloud fax platform that enhances your IT and business infrastructure
  • Full audit trail helps meet data retention requirements
  • Business Associate Agreement

We have seen the recent shift increase interest in cloud faxing from healthcare providers worldwide. We must address the demands of an increasingly remote workforce and ensure business continuity to remain competitive and provide needed services to patients and their families. The past few years have presented a unique opportunity to find solutions to address our current work environment’s needs and allow us to be forward-thinking in terms of what’s on the horizon. The time is now to rise to the challenge and create more flexible businesses moving forward.

To learn more about InterFAX communications, data processing, and our strategic approach to data security, please schedule a demo today.

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