Cloud fax provides connections to faster patient care

TxMultilisting is a US nonprofit that is saving lives by making the organ transplant waiting list system more accessible to patients.

With 58 disjointed kidney transplant lists across the country, TxMultilisting’s founder, Irena Bucci, knew there was a better way for patients to connect with the resources they urgently needed to survive. She turned to Upland InterFAX to help her tackle the development and launch of TxMultilisting, a nationwide database that connects patients with opportunities while reducing waitlist time for life-saving care.

Using InterFAX, patients can safely fax medical records with an unlimited number of documents to apply to multiple lists at once. When every day counts, TxMultilisting, powered by InterFAX’s cloud fax and digital workflow technology, is providing hope and critical care for patients.

Learn more about the urgent need for faster donation matching by downloading the infographic, then reach out to us to learn more.

Want to learn more? Read the full TxMultilisting case study here.

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