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Seamless integration: InterFAX + Salesforce

Faxing is a crucial business technology but can pose significant challenges. Traditional fax processes are expensive to maintain, can lead to operational inefficiencies, and put sensitive data at risk. That’s why InterFAX’s cloud-based fax solutions have emerged as a superior technology to deliver compelling benefits for organizations of any size. And we work with the systems you know and love, such as Salesforce!

Download our datasheet to learn how we help:

  • Manage workflows with safe, reliable cloud fax
  • Enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Facilitate rapid communication and data transfer
  • Streamline faxing processes within the Salesforce interface
  • Automate the routing of incoming faxes to designated network folders
  • Upgrade from legacy fax to a secure cloud faxing solution
  • Safeguard sensitive information during transmission

Download our Salesforce overview, then we’ll be in touch to see if you’d like to learn more.

Download the datasheet

Salesforce Cloud Fax Integration Image

Accelerate your business with InterFAX

Our Salesforce integration brings cloud fax capabilities to Salesforce users to help them easily integrate fax activities with other important business workflow processes. You’ll need a Salesforce account as well as an InterFAX account, then you can get started in minutes!

  • Access cloud fax capabilities, track status, and enhance workflows from within
  • Salesforce, email, or InterFAX’s web interface
  • Safeguard data with InterFAX’s robust security and compliance protocols
  • Customize to your needs with our flexible Developer API
  • Scale endlessly by volume as you grow, using either credits or pre-paid pricing methods