LogRhythm Case Study

Growing and Standardizing a Content Operation

LogRhythm is a world leader in NextGen SIEM, empowering organizations on six continents to successfully reduce risk by rapidly detecting, responding to, and neutralizing damaging cyberthreats. To amplify the message of the growing company and connect with the right audience, Jackie Fredericks, senior director of marketing communications, knew LogRhythm needed a content library, consistent workflows, and a way to measure content efforts. Now, content lives in one place—Kapost—where teams across the globe collaborate daily.

The Challenge

LogRhythm’s rapidly growing teams were struggling without a clear process or place to create, store, and revise content—an issue exacerbated by dispersed and inconsistent workflows. LogRhythm’s marketing communications team was growing rapidly, and it became apparent that continuing to manage content development via email was simply not going to scale. They needed to find a solution that could help them standardize their processes and enable better collaboration amongst more team members.

The Solution

LogRhythm invested in the Kapost platform to provide their local and global teams with a single home base for collaboration and workflow management. Exercising their due diligence, LogRhythm evaluates their marketing technology annually. Thanks to the exceptional content operations platform and expertise, Kapost remains the solution of choice, year after year.

LogRhythm’s Challenges

  • Growing Team
  • Several Different Processes
  • Collaboration through Email

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Standardized Taxonomy and Workflows across Teams

Guided by Kapost’s implementation experts, LogRhythm built a common taxonomy of strategic contexts, such as buying persona and stages, and created consensus about workflow and approvals. Now the LogRhythm content machine runs on repeatable workflows to plan, collaborate, and distribute their content across every channel. These customizable service-level agreements make it easy for LogRhythm to respond to changing marketing needs while Kapost’s analytics reporting lets them assess and monitor production time and identify issues in workflow that stall content production.

One Place for Conversation and Collaboration, for All Teams

The marketing operations, website, demand generation, channel marketing, product marketing, and regional marketing teams all collaborate in Kapost. Each team has access to the right content when they need it, and individuals are notified when their workflow stage is up or when they’re @mentioned through in-app annotations. Because content collaboration and communication happens within Kapost, each contributor knows they have the latest version and full content history at their fingertips.

Perfect Content Coverage for Every Campaign

Using Kapost Insights, LogRhythm reviews the coverage of every campaign to ensure they’re having the right conversations with the right persona at each stage of the buying cycle. Coverage gaps are easy to identify and fill before campaigns begin. Additionally, with a Google Analytics integration, the team can confidently gauge the success of every piece of content and use that information to inform future strategic planning.

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