Infographic Inspiration from the Best Brands in Content Marketing

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Infographics are heavy hitters in content marketing. And their popularity continues to skyrocket. As a tactic, infographics saw the biggest rise in usage amongst B2B marketers, jumping from 51% to 62% this year.

Visuals are, hands-down, the best way to grasp the attention of buyers. They into reader emotions, satisfy their short attention spans, and ensure your content sticks. Infographics take it a step further. They marry two powerful elements: visuals and data. They turn bland data into engaging, compelling content that’s easily to digest and remember.

Infographic Inspiration from the Best Brands in Content Marketing by @amurphias

They’re also pretty fun to conceptualize and create.

Here are 5 examples of infographics created by the best brands in content marketing.

1. LinkedIn – The Most Inspired Sales Professionals in the World

Why it works: This infographic ties together the emotional (feeling inspired by your job) and business (inspiration leads to productivity leads to revenue). It also slices and dices information in resonant ways—by region, gender, company, and role—so the viewer can easily see themselves represented by this data.

sales infographic by LinkedIn

2. HubSpot – How to Get More Blog Subscribers

Why it works: HubSpot combines clear, actionable advice with data to back up the power of following these tips.

blog infographic by Hubspot

3. Allstate – My Identity Was Stolen: Now What?

Why it works: Allstate hits on a very important pain point for their target audience, and provides clear information about a complex and scary problem.

identity theft infographic by allstate

4. Intuit – How Startups Get Started and Succeed

Why it works: This infographic from Intuit showcases a clean, well-designed look and interesting stats that paint a picture of the startup scene in the US, and give innovators and startup folks some benchmarks for business.

intuit infographic on startups

5. ThoughtWorks – 100 Years of Computer Science

Why it works: It’s beautifully simple, and this infographic is a great resource for programmers and computer science folks. And the criteria for the included papers are pretty impressive: “The paper must have changed the world. The paper must have changed my perspective. Only one paper is allowed from each decade.”

computer science infographic by thoughtworks

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