Why Catalent Chose Kapost for Their Marketing Content Engine

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See Why Joe Montano of Catalent Chose Kapost as His Marketing Content Vendor, and Early Results of the Product

Quick Highlights

On Onboarding

“Getting Kapost up and running was very easy. It only took us about four weeks to get us running with a team of 12. We had a great experience transitioning people over to using the tool.”

On Why They Needed Kapost

“We needed to have a structured way to do content, which we didn’t have before. We used to have an Excel spreadsheet, but we really needed a way to communicate better throughout the organization.”

“We were unorganized. We had no editorial calendar. There was a plan, but there was no hierarchy of related and dependent events.”

Early Results of Kapost

“As a result of implementing Kapost, we’ve probably had a 200% increase in actual content. We used to produce two to three whitepapers and a couple of emails a month. Now we can produce ten emails per month and we can do much greater volume in whitepapers as well as pieces derived from whitepapers. This gives us a much greater share of voice in the industry.”

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