7 Pet Peeves All Content Marketers Will Understand

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There’s no denying that working in content marketing is pretty amazing.

You get to create and promote excellent content that educates and empowers people to get things done. You get to start new conversations, or change the ones already happening online about your industry. You (hopefully) get to work with really creative, inspiring people.  And, most importantly, you help drive revenue for your organization.

However, loving what you do doesn’t mean you won’t get annoyed from time to time. For a little Friday fun, here are 7 pet peeves all content marketers will understand.

1. People Look at You Like This When You Explain Your Job

My dad was born in 1940, and didn’t really start using the Internet until he was in his late 50s. Explaining content marketing, and the digital marketing landscape in general, usually elicits this kind of response from him and many others.

2. Uncooperative Technology

Content marketers are pretty useless without their computers. Things can get hectic in the wide world of the interwebs…which means we can get a bit testy with the tech team every once and a while. (It IS the email that’s stupid!)

3. Writer’s Block

Writer’s block happens to the very best of us. Sometimes the magic just won’t happen. But deadlines wait for no one. The solution? Write now, edit later.

4. Playing Nice with Sales

Sales and marketing love each other deep down. But like any two groups with different perspectives, sometimes we find it hard to see eye to eye.


5. Trying to Find Snacks that Don’t Scare the Sh*t Out of You at Content Marketing World

The orange theme is great. It really is. But sometimes a girl just wants an apple, you know?

photo source: @Intrapromote

6. When People Don’t Pay Attention to Your Editorial Calendar

Questions like “when is that due?” and “what’s our launch date?” are acceptable in an organization that doesn’t have an established, well-used editorial calendar. But when we spend days, weeks, or even months developing a system to schedule our content and colleagues STILL don’t pay attention, it makes our blood boil.

7. Convincing Your Executives to Dedicate More Budget to Content

Not all executives buy into this whole “content marketing” thing yet. And often, it’s really hard to know how to pitch it. Especially to the skeptics.

What pet peeves have I missed? Enter yours in the comments section. Or tweet at us (@kapost). GIFs encouraged.

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